Year of the Bike: ‘Whatever The Road’ Inspires Exploration Near Home

Year of the Bike: ‘Whatever The Road’ Inspires Exploration Near Home

Bored or stuck at home? Longing to travel? Explore the roads and trails near you. We guarantee you’ll find adventure somewhere — wherever the road takes you.

Brooks England’s “Whatever The Road” campaign is all about rediscovering adventure close to home. Many of us did this in 2020 and will probably continue this year.

In this short film series, Brooks England shares the stories of four cyclists across North America and the U.K., from Estes Park, Colo., to Devon, England.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll see in the series:

  • Ride along as prominent YouTuber Juliet Elliott experiences the history of the English Southwest
  • Enjoy the vistas as American duo Anton Krupicka and Hailey Moore seek adventure in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains
  • Sit back while bikepacking disciple Matty Waudby chronicles the changing coastline of his Yorkshire home

two cyclists stopping to route find on rural trail

What do the four have in common? Well, biking for one, and a love for exploring whatever the road — gravel or pavement, 5 miles from home or 50 — brings them.

The first video dropped last Friday, and the next segment dropped today. The full combined video series will release on April 6. To catch all the edits, visit Brooks’ channel. And be sure to check out Brooks’ new bikepacking, gravel, and touring Scape bags.

“Whatever The Road” was filmed and produced by Brooks England and Studio Louise.

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