Wild Rye: Women’s active wear made by women

Wild Rye: Women’s active wear made by women

Wild Rye: Women’s active wear made by women

The Wild Rye philosophy is simple: When women are comfortable and feel good in their own skin (and gear) it translates to confidence and thus participation in all aspects of life.

With that in mind, the female founders of Wild Rye offer a variety of apparel and accessories tailored for active women, especially those who enjoy mountain biking. But the Wild Rye products aren’t sport-specific, and a recent test of their Freel bike shorts showed just how versatile the apparel can be.

The Freel shorts feature a clean, sleek design, with flat front pockets and a wide thigh pocket big enough to hold a large smart phone or even sunglasses. Our lead tester, Donna Meshke, noted that the shorts fit comfortably without being baggy or overly snug. The gusseted crotch and the short’s four-way stretch fabric allows for great freedom of moment, whether cycling, kayaking, or simply hiking.

Meshke, an avid angler, loves the flexibility afforded by the Freel when jumping in and out of rafts and scrambling over riverside rocks while fly fishing. The fast-drying nature of the material also makes them a great short for river use.

Perhaps most remarkably, Meshke – a 62-year-old multi-sports enthusiast – and her 28-old-year avid-hiker niece, argued over who would field test the Freel when the sample arrived, both claiming the shorts were made specifically for their age group. It seems they were both right! The only difference in their thoughts about the Freel came down to the fabric design. The elder Meshke prefers the blue swirling dot pattern ­– inspired by river currents – while the younger Meshke favors the mauve bees.

The Freel shorts sell for $119 and are available in sizes 0-18. Buy here



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