Why Do People Tend to Have Fat Tire Ebikes?

Why Do People Tend to Have Fat Tire Ebikes?

As an ebike enthusiast, you may not be a stranger to Fat Tire Ebike. However, it seems easy to look at a fat tire ebike and think it’s exactly the same as a regular tire, but fatter. But the truth may be different from your perception. The tire’s huge surface area offers a wide range of benefits, giving the rider a totally inexperienced feel on the road, trail, sand, and even snow.

So why are the majority of ebikes are equipped with tires fat? This is actually a good question. There are a lot of different electric mountain bikes on the market. Fat tires offer different things targeted to various people. Generally speaking, fat tires perform better off-road. Trails, something of that nature. Besides that, fat tires are great for sand. So the benefit or the reason why companies add them is, the benefit is that you can really use it as a dual use as a sidewalk, dirt bike, or sand bike. So you don’t have to worry, oh, I have two thin tires. With fat tires, you can really go anywhere you want. And if you use the pedal assist, you won’t feel resistance with pedal assist fat tires. For some people who still have doubts about fat tires, Magicycle has collected some of the greatest advantages of fat tires. 

Suitable For All Terrain

Fat tires provide a lot of surface area that will come in convenience during your riding. This thickness allows you to ride in sand, ice, and swamp conditions more easily than with skinny tires. There won’t be any problems handling slick and rainy conditions – the fat tires assist you with total control over your ride. You’ll even notice speeds comparable to normal bikes as the assist settings go up.

More Comfortable And Easier Experience

Fat tires need more air than thin tires, which indicates that they have more impact than standard wheels. So what does this mean exactly for your cycling? Alright, the way those bumps, sticks, and holes are best absorbed by the air in the fat tires. It doesn’t sound very impressive but riding an ebike with fat tires is one of the most comfortable riding experiences you’ll ever have.

As rewarded, you can modify the air pressure in the fat tires to change where you get the mandatory support. Fat tires can only go down to 10 or 15 psi, where they act more as a cushion for rough terrains, such as woods or hilly terrain, with uneven ground.

More Durable Riding

The utter thickness of fat tires over lean tires makes them last as long as needed. Thin tires can crack when exposed to ice, but fat tires are not liked to have this problem. The sheer thickness of fat tires (usually about 4 inches or more) means you won’t be going through the tires as much as you would with skinny tires. 

Getting More Exercise

This may sound absurd to you, but the truth is, for people who like getting in shape, riding fat tires will burn more calories than regular tires. You have to pedal with more effort on asphalt or other flat or even flat surfaces due to the extra surface area on the wheels. According to your assist settings, you can even knock these parts out, but remove them if you’re interested in losing some pounds or getting more exercise.

More Controllable

Every cyclist probably regards this aspect as the most crucial part. Particularly, the mountain ebike needs as much control and balance as possible when going through rough spots and making challenging twists and turns. Fat tires give you that benefit every time, which is why many first-time riders find themselves pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to revel in cycling.

This feature really comes down to being easy to ride, and these ebikes shine like Magicycle Ocelot Pro for example a lot here. Not only are they versatile, but they are also perfect for newbies!

Fast Riding

Most fat tire ebikes have powerful motors to help you cruise and climb hills. A pedal-assist rear hub-drive motor engages when you pedal to help you maintain an average high speed.

Typically, the top speed of a fat tire ebike is not as important as the higher average speed that pedal assist gives you. The difference between pumping hard to hit 15 mph and using electric pedal assist to help you maintain that speed, even uphill and into the wind. This makes riding an e-bike in Colorado great for commuting, running errands around town, or just going a little further and faster. And, more fun!

The display and controller will help you set up between five levels of assistance. Class 2 and 3 electric bikes also have a throttle. Be sure to consider electric bikes made in the USA with twist throttles, as they are more comfortable and safer to use than thumb throttles. Your throttle should also have a safety switch that can be turned off when you’re not using it. Most fat tire ebikes come with a 750-watt motor. Motor size doesn’t affect your top speed as much as torque, to help you reach your desired speed more easily.

Most trails in the U.S. have a speed limit of up to 28 miles per hour, so be aware of speed limits, especially on trails.

Therefore, as so many benefits of fat tire ebikes are mentioned above, why don’t you have a Magicycle All Terrain Ebike and start your journey from here?