Who is the best cyclist in the history?

In other sports there will always be arguments about who’s the GOAT. In cycling, there’s no argument and it’s not even close. We are talking of course about the great Belgian cyclist Eddy Merckx:

You see, Merckx didn’t just win grand tours like the Tour de France, unlike American specialists Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong. No, he won everything, hence his nickname, The Cannibal.

In 1972 he set the hour record at 49.431 km, a result that stood for 12 years. Not only that, but he also took the 10 km and 20 km records simultaneously. His hour record was finally broken in 1984, but only with the help of aerodynamic accroutrements. In 1997, the UCI banned all these aerodynamic aids and the best time under the new rules was 49.7 km, only 269 m more than Merckx. In 2014, some aero aids were again permitted and the record now stands at 55.089 km.

List of career achievements by Eddy Merckx – Wikipedia