What is ANT+ and why do I need it for cycling indoors?

What is ANT+ and why do I need it for cycling indoors?

ANT is an acronym for “Advanced and Adaptive Network Technology,” which is a low-energy wireless protocol meant to collect and transfer sensor data. The first generation on ANT sensors would only work with ANT-enabled sensors and not competitors’ products; but the second generation, ANT+, works with many different devices regardless of the manufacturer. ANT+ was developed as a lower power version of ANT, and designed specifically for fitness gadgets such as the best heart rate monitors and best power meters.

ANT+ technology allows devices to talk to each other wirelessly, such as a smart trainer connecting to a virtual training app such as Zwift.

The ANT+ wireless protocol is used by many fitness companies including Nike, Adidas, and Fitbit, in addition to the manufacturers of many cycling products. ANT+ sensors and receivers work within a certain physical distance of one another and use nodes to transmit and receive activity.

The Garmin Edge 1030 Plus can use ANT+ to connect to power meters and other sensors (Image credit: Josh Ross)

How ANT+ is used in cycling

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