What Are Ebikes for Tall Guys? Here Are the Details You should Know

What Are Ebikes for Tall Guys? Here Are the Details You should Know

As it is known to all of you, there are all kinds of ebikes on the market designed for different purposes. For example, Magicycle Commuter ebikes are usually used in urban areas, while Jarguarundi folding ebikes could apply to self-driving touring as they can be folded and placed on a truck. Besides those everyday uses, people should consider the size of an ebike if they want a comfortable ride experience.

Probably, the first question thing that comes up when tall people are looking for an electric bike is whether a specific ebike will fit them or not. Also, if the ebike does fit them, how about the experience to be on it? Is it made to be able to accommodate a large rider?  That is because you can actually ride it doesn’t mean that you will be comfortable on it. 

Is the frame size the most important factor to be considered?

There are a lot of factors that come into play. Probably one of the most important ones is the frame size, but it is not necessarily the most important one as sometimes there are ebikes that have just one frame size and can fit a variety of different riders. That is not necessarily a bad way to go if they are made to be flexible in that way, but before we get into that, I should probably just mention what is actually a tall rider.

What is considered a tall guy?

What would I actually consider a tall rider? He may be someone outside of above 6’3 or so. You know certainly somebody can be considered tall if they are over 6 feet or at least in the US. I mean in other countries in the world there are people that are more commonly tall, like in the Netherlands, where there are really a lot of tall people. And actually, a lot of ebikes that come from there tend to be a bit larger. Generally speaking, I would choose a medium size, but some electric bikes tend to be a bit larger, while others tend to be a little bit smaller, it really depends on what you are looking for. Sometimes having a smaller bike could mean that it is a bit lighter and more maneuverable, but if you are going for longer rides, you might prefer a larger electric mountain bike that allows you to stretch out a bit more on it.

Different Sizes of Ebikes

The electric bike market is still growing market and relatively young. About 10 years ago, most ebikes came in just one size, but as the market grows and a lot of manufacturers work in mature markets, they are able to have more varieties and more options to satisfy the needs of their consumers. For instance, Magicycle has a variety of electric bikes of different kinds of frames. The Ocelot Pro has a step-thru frame design, while there are both step-over and mid-step-thru frames for the Cruiser series.

Common Ebike measurements

Not all sizes of ebikes for sale are created equal. Manufacturers use different measurements to determine what the sizes of their ebikes are, but one of the most common measurements is the so-called seat tube. Basically, it is the one that is measured from the center of the crank arm up to the top of the seat tube. So if you see a frame that says 18 inches and 20 inches, or 50 centimeters and 55 centimeters, generally they are made by that kind of measurement.

There are many other measurements that are also important, especially if you are taller, like the top tube length, which is the length of the seat tube to where the handlebar stem goes or the headset. The top tube measurement is the top part of the front triangle of the ebike. It will have an impact on how much space you have between you and the handlebar. If you are a tall person and have a very short top tube, you are kind of in a weird posture. In an ideal world, you are as balanced in between the front and rear axle as possible. That is going to create balance on your ebike. You might have had the experience of riding an ebike and being back a little bit too far. This may make you feel a tendency to lift up that front wheel.

Therefore, before buying an ebike, make sure you pick up the right measurement for yourselves.

How to determine your ebike frame size

Usually, you need to be thinking differently and consider a lot of details and what the idea measurements are for you. Generally, we will ask people for their heights and inseams. One thing you need to be clear about is that an inseam is not the length of your legs, instead, it is actually the measurement from your crotch to the floor without shoes on. This is really a helpful determinant of what is the ideal frame size for you.

There are certainly other factors to consider like your torso length or arm length. With inseam measurement, you can get to know what the standover height needs to be. For example, with somebody with a slightly short inseam at 30.5 inches, we found that a lot of ebikes might have a slightly taller standover height. In an ideal world, you have an inch or two of clearance between your crotch and top tube to protect yourself in case you have to hop off the saddle quickly. On the ebike market, there are ebikes that have a low step, which is less of a concern. In this case, a stand-over height is not really a thing. However, if you can find an ebike that has a taller tube and you still have enough clearance, that may be a large ebike that fits you.

Last Words

To get a better and more comfortable experience of riding, you are recommended to pick up the right method of measurement for yourself. Also, it will be better if you have the chance to have a test ride.