Use the Wattbike Atom to transform your training year-round

Use the Wattbike Atom to transform your training year-round

For many years riding inside was the considered the last resort to get in a bit of training when the weather outside was crummy. But, with the advent of smart trainers and smart bikes, like the Next Generation Wattbike Atom, and the training apps we all know and love, more riders are beginning to understand the value year-round indoor sessions can offer. 

Whether you’re on a time crunch or just looking to move up a few places in your local criterium or time trial series, integrating indoor sessions year-round allows you to complete highly targeted intervals to improve your fitness, and harness advanced metrics improve your efficiency.

High quality work without the interruptions


(Image credit: Wattbike)

Whenever we try to do intervals outside, it seems like every stoplight light is red, there is always traffic and someone is always in the middle of a pedestrian crossing. Take that same session inside and ride it on a smart bike and you can get the work done without any interruptions. The Next Generation Wattbike Atom can simulate up to 2500-watts within +/- 1-per cent accuracy, so if your session calls for 15 minutes at 300-watts or five seconds at 850-watts, the new electromagnetic resistance system will not only make you do the work, but keep on top of quick changes in pace.  

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