Trek outlines diversity initiatives, addresses sale of bikes to police

Trek outlines diversity initiatives, addresses sale of bikes to police

Amid widespread protests in the United States and around the world against racism and police brutality following the death of George Floyd, Trek Bikes has outlined a detailed, six-part plan to promote diversity in cycling, while also addressing the topic of selling bikes to police departments.

Trek has faced questions and criticism recently over its sale of bikes to police forces, particularly following the circulation of videos and images of various incidents showing officers using the bikes against protestors.

On Tuesday, Trek provided a statement condemning such use for the company’s bikes, but also affirming its support of police on bikes generally.

In full, the statement read as follows:

“Recently we have seen photos and video of Trek bikes that have been used by police in ways that are abhorrent and vastly different from their intended use. For over 25 years, we have seen police on bikes, out of cruisers and offices, building relationships in the neighborhoods they serve. The past two weeks has turned the view of police on bikes from a community asset to a liability. A positive outcome of the recent protests is that we are starting to see real police reform being discussed at local and national levels. We believe bikes can play a positive role by continuing to get officers out of cars and armored trucks and into the community where trust can be built.”

The company made no mention of halting sales of bikes to police forces, but it did publish a separate statement to its website outlining its roadmap to live up to a “commitment to a better future.”

“We are dedicated to learning, changing, and taking action—and this begins with committing to a plan to address systemic racism,” the Wisconsin-based bike brand said.

“We believe Black lives matter and that Black, African American, and other people of color throughout this country do not have the same opportunities that white people have.”

Trek announced in its statement that it is committing to creating 1,000 jobs in the cycling industry for people of color by investing $2.5 million dollars “in a new retail management and bicycle mechanics training scholarship program” over the next 10 years.

Additionally, the company committed to investing $5 million over the next three years in bringing bike shops to underserved areas as well, to establishing a $1 million “Community Investment Fund” to “provide funding for entrepreneurs of color and existing Trek retailers to open shops in underserved neighborhoods,” and to establishing a scholarship fund for NICA teams of kids from diverse backgrounds over the next 10 years.

Trek said it will also require employees to complete “diversity and inclusiveness training” and will provide paid time off for volunteer efforts for non-profits to build communities.

You can read the full post on Trek’s website.