The Complete Evolution of The Bicycle

The Complete Evolution of The Bicycle

Evolution of the bicycle lasted for a while. Many people took an effort. Thousands of people from different parts of the world have tried to invent a bike. The first idea was to try to change the horse. The prototypes of bicycles are depicted in the frescoes of Pompeii in the reliefs of Babylon, Egypt.

● The first bike was invented in 1790 by Frenchmen Comte Mede de Sivrac. It was the Celerifere bicycle and it is the earliest two-wheeler. It had no pedals, had a seat, rigid wooden frame, and two wheels. It is like a bike for a child as the rider needed to power the bike forward by using the feet.

● The Draisine bicycle was created by Baron Karl von Drais in 1817. The bicycle had two wheels, but still no pedals, so the rider still needed to push it with his feet. The steering wheel appeared in this bicycle version. It has become a forerunner of the modern bicycle. This type of bicycle also was being used as the rail vehicle.

● Velocipede is an improved version of the bicycle which has been invented in 1818. This bicycle still hadn’t got any pedals, but the saddle was more comfortable.

● Evolution of the bicycle began when in 1839 Kirkpatrick Macmillan invented the Macmillan Velocipede bicycle with pedals. It was a huge difference from all other bicycles. Pedals were mounted to the rear wheel.

● Michael Boneshaker bicycle was the first bike which has been made from metal and it is invented 1863. It is named Boneshaker because of the really stiff materials and straight angles which made the riding of this bike a real “bone shaking”.

● The Penny-farthing bike is also known as the high wheel/high wheeler bicycle has been invented in 1870. As the gears were not being invented yet, people needed a higher speed. They have noticed that the bigger front wheel – the more speed they can get. According to that, a large front wheel bicycle was created and it was being able to provide higher speed. But it was not very comfortable to ride this type of bicycle, so it was not popular for a long time.

● Safety bicycle was invented in 1884 by the English engineer Harry John Lawson. It is a very similar type of bicycle that we use today: it has a chain-driven rear wheel and the wheels are the same – or almost the same – size. It is also a modern version of the Penny-farthing bicycle just without a big front wheel and much more pleasant to ride it.

● The Recumbent bicycle was invented in 1897. Everything is pretty much the same as the Safety bicycle, just Recumbent bicycle has a more comfortable seating position. The rider is laid back. The rider’s weight is more supported by back and buttocks. Also, these bicycles hold a world record of the fastest human-powered bicycle. Besides, these types of bikes you can find at the gym nowadays, just a modern version of it.

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