The Best Penny Farthing Bike [Review] history and where to buy one !

The Best Penny Farthing Bike [Review] history and where to buy one !

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The Bicycle of innovation

A brief History of the Penny-Farthing Bike?

The Boneshaker and the Penny Farthing

The Velocipede, a bicycle with two steel wheels, a wooden frame and pedals was invented. Often known as the Boneshaker because of the painful effect of wood against steel across cobbled streets. The iconic Penny Farthing first made its appearance in 1872 and was invented by James Stanley. It was one of the first models to be known as “bicycle”. The characteristically large front wheel meant that the rider could travel further in a single revolution, but also that it was very difficult to mount and start off because of its height.

With a seat attached near the apex of the larger front wheel. Unlike later models of bicycles, the penny-farthing didn’t use a chain or gear combination to propel itself. Instead, it used your direct energy yon the pedals.

UNTIL NOW ,we have found cheap and affordable penny farthings ,my own order came through early and have been have great fun exploring the novelty and history of such a strange looking bicycle.

For further information on the history of the penny farthing bike please check out churchillcentral.

Our Pick of the The Best Penny Farthing Bike

The Best Penny Farthing Bike

1. The Hoppley Penny Farthing – Old Fashion Bike

After becoming interested in the people powered inventions i came across an old picture of the famous penny farthing and started to look around for the best buys on the internet ,within its limited amount of search results i cam across something that i thought would be worth sharing about.

I decided the best thing to do would be find reviews that i could share and maybe give a better insight into your purchase, The Hoppley Penny Farthing on amazon made me think twice ,maybe i should get as a birthday gift.

This is a great size for adults who just want a fun Penny Farthing and at a great price!

Looking for a bigger beginner Penny Farthing? The Best Penny Farthing Bike ? This Hoppley 32″ Penny Farthing is a great size for adults who just want a fun Penny Farthing at a great price! Just a stepping stone for the really big Penny Farthings! It combines vintage styling with modern is also available in 28” wheel size, below we have a picture/link and the pro’s and con’s.

Hoppley Penny Farthing

The Best Penny Farthing Bike

The Best Penny Farthing Bike
Pros Cons
Excellent for the price! Limited colour choices
Comfortable Tricky to get used to
Adjustable for different types of rides

2. The best addition, a bike seat

A comfortable seat for your very own penny farthing, look no further than this. I decided that comfort is priority ,so il be buying one of these seats and will not be looking back! it really is all about comfort, a mastered art in the 21st century.

Experience the luxury of an ergonomic bicycle seat. Indulge yourself with a great, comfortable bike seat.

This gel bike seat is made to fit, i am able to enjoy even the longest rides without experiencing any discomfort due to pain, which is not great if your planning a few days on this small whipper!

Fito Saddle Seat

Pros Cons
LightweightOne colors
Long lasting
Convenient size

Maybe a High Wheel Bicycle Souvenir?

Novelty is Key

I love adding all sort of antiques to my collection, its always good to tell people the stories behind each item i collect, why not pick yourself up one of the sake of novelty.

It’s A beautiful representation of an early American high wheel or penny-farthing bicycle. The handlebar and peddle extend out to provide for eye-catching dimension that is sure to draw attention. The bicycle is finished in distressed brown colours and is made of meta.

Penny Farthing Wall Decor

Best Antique Style High Wheel Bicycle Wall Art

Pros Cons
Looks great on fireplace Screws sometimes come loose