The best electric bikes of 2021

The best electric bikes of 2021

The best electric bikes are rapidly becoming one of the most popular modes of transportation, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Electric bikes, also known as ebikes, now come in just about every style and model of bike, from basic commuters to snazzy street racers to voluminous cargo bikes. Most models offer 3 to 5 levels of power assistance while you pedal, with an increasing number including a throttle button for full-electric power.

The current surge in interest in ebikes has spawned a growing wave of innovations—and more price competition. Models expected to come later this year include a belt-driven model for less than £1,000 and a personalized, ultra-light carbon fiber bike for just over £2,500.

What are the best electric bikes?

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Because electric bikes are made for many different purposes, it’s hard to say that there’s any one best ebike for everyone. Hyuhome Electric Bike for £510.00 – £899.00 adapts to need of your long-distance can enjoy a long time trip with any mode according to your needs, combining three modes would be a better choice. It is a Smart Mountain Bike, high speed motor, high power with speeds reaching up to 35km/h(31mph). Feel free to browse our best electric bike picks for 2021.

The best electric bikes at a glance

1. Hyuhome Electric Bike

Best electric mountain bikes for off-road

Price: £510.00 – £899.00 | Battery: 8AH/10AH/13AH | Max estimated range: 50km-90km | Motor: 36V350W | Gearing: 21-35 speed shimano HYUHOME ELECTRIC BIKE AT £510.00

Hyuhome Electric Bikes
  1. 36V 350W high-speed motor-high power and high torsion output: improve the climbing ability while reducing battery burden, with the advantages of strong power / low noise / stable performance / long life.
  2. Intelligent automatic power off brake lever.
  3. Lithium battery-specific chain ring.

2. ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

Best electric mountain bikes for commuting

Price: £749.99 | Battery:  36V 8Ah | Max estimated range: 25~50KM | Motor: 250W  | Gearing: Shimano 21 ANCHEER ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE AT £749.99

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike
  1. This electric mountain bike is foldable. 
  2. Double shock absorption offers better traction for a more fluid ride. Coupled with disc brake, this bike offers greater control and more reliable stopping power no matter what.
  3. Mechanical front and rear disc-brake design and Shimano 21-Speed gear increases hill-climbing power, further range variation, and greater terrain adaptability.

3. LANKELEISI XT750PLUS Folding Electric Bike

Best electric folding bikes for adult females / males

Price: £1,639.00 | Battery:  48V10ah  | Max estimated range: 25~50KM | Motor: 500W  | Gearing: Shimano M390 / 27 speed LANKELEISI ELECTRIC BIKE AT £1,639.00

LANKELEISI XT750PLUS Folding Electric Bike
  1. This gorgeous electric mountain bike has 3 working modes, Pure electric mode, PAS mode and pure human riding mode. 
  2. The durable structure makes it the perfect choice for almost all people with different heights and weights. (165 cm – 200 cm).
  3. two ways to charge the battery – it can directly be charged with the battery inside the frame, or you can also take the battery out and then charge it.

4. Swifty Electric Mountain Bike

Best electric mountain bikes for long distance travel

Price: £699.00 | Battery: Panasonic 36V 9.6AH Lithium ion battery | Max estimated range: 30 miles on one full charge | Motor: 36V | Gearing: Shimano 7-speed gears SWIFTY Electric Mountain Bike – £699.00

Swifty Electric Mountain Bike
  1. Coppercell Battery technology, 36v 7.8ah
  2. Upto 30 miles on one full charge
  3. 3 levels of assist setting
  4. Walking mode which engages the motor from a standing start

What to look for when buying an electric bike

Motor type

Less expensive bikes traditionally use a rear hub motor. Mid-drive motors located in the center pedal crank shaft tend to be more expensive but offer better overall balance and smoother shifting. 

Motors are also rated based on their power, measured in Watts. Typically, the least powerful motor will be 250 Watts, but unless you’re a very large person or planning to go up really steep hills, the motor size shouldn’t be a major determining factor for your purchase. More important,  there is no industry standard for measuring Watts (is it continuous or peak and if peak, for how long?). So in general, a motor’s Watt rating isn’t a reliable indication of power.


Like any other type of bike the electric bike should offer you a comfortable ride. All general components such as, saddle, handlebars, the geometry of the frame should put you in a comfortable position. If the bike doesn’t satisfy these criteria it’s certainly not the best electric bike on the market. After all you’re going to spend quite a lot of time riding it, so you might as well look for a more comfortable solution.

comfort- ebike

How big a battery?

Consider where you live. If you’re in San Francisco you’re going to want more help than if you’re cruising around Austin. Watt hours (Wh) is the most important figure for comparison—it takes into account battery output and battery life to give you a better sense of available power. Higher Wh translates into more range. 

Many electric bike makers will also include an estimated range (usually about 40 miles) that you can get off a single charge. You should take this figure with a large grain of salt, as that number is usually determined under ideal circumstances: A fairly lightweight person riding on flat terrain with no wind, and at the perfect ambient temperature for the battery. Range is also dependent on the level of power assist being used, whether full-throttle has been applied and for how long, and your average speed. As they say, your mileage may vary.


You’re paying a lot of money and a costly investment that lasts for a short time is not worthwhile. The electric bike has more components than the common bike, adding the electric motor and the battery; more attention should be put in selection of the bike because of this. You don’t want your electric bike to turn into a regular bike in a short period.

Removable or built-in battery?

Most bike batteries will handle rides of about 40 miles and need to be plugged in for at least a couple of hours to get to 80 percent of capacity. So if you have a more demanding commute, consider a model that lets you swap out the battery rather than a bike with an integrated battery. 

Different cycling terrain

Each e-bike system is tested on a flat road, a shallow hill (1.5% gradient), and a steeper hill (6% gradient). 

Many of the motor systems we’ve tested can not provide all of the levels of assistance described above on even a shallow hill, making them unsuitable for hilly areas.