The 5 Best Mountain Biking Lights in 2020

The 5 Best Mountain Biking Lights in 2020

When it comes to lights, brightness is obviously important, but coverage can be the difference between you meeting face-to-face with a tree that you didn’t see coming up.

Brightness and Lumens

First, let’s discuss lumens. Most mountain bike lights are at least 2,000 lumens, which is comparable to a car headlight. In other words, it’s plenty bright.

Some lights, like the NiteRider Pro 4200 Enduro (4,200 lumens) doubles that brightness capacity, which would really allow you to ride in complete darkness.

There are always trade-offs with brightness. The brighter you, the more LEDs it likely requires. And the more LEDs you have, the heavier the setup.

Also, brighter lights can go through batteries pretty quickly.

Light coverage

Brightness is only as good as it can beam out in front of you, giving you a clear view of the path ahead.

Luckily, engineers have developed some incredible LED setups that reflect concentrated beams on your path.

The Light & Motion Seca 2500 features four LEDs, two of which are used for general brightness around your bike, and then two that are reflected to give you a clear path.

When testing these out, make sure to see where the light focuses. You obviously need to see your immediate surroundings, but you want a light with a long beam.

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