Tacx Neo 2T smart trainer review

Tacx Neo 2T smart trainer review

Indoor trainer brand Tacx came under the wing of Garmin in 2019. The hypothesised take-over of the indoor training space – facilitated by a huge cycling computer and software brand now owning a trainer hardware division – hasn’t happened yet. In fact, there hasn’t been a great deal of change to Tacx’s range at all. However, the future remains a mystery for anyone outside of Garmin’s trust circle (eg: Garmin itself).

The Tacx Neo 2T is the most expensive of the brand’s turbo trainers, at £1199.99/$1399.99. It’s bested only by the Tacx Neo indoor bike, at £2299.99/$3199.99. The ability to replicate tougher climbs, a higher max power and improved accuracy set this unit apart from the Tacx Flux 2, at £699.99/$899.99.

We tested the Tacx Neo 2T as part of a grouptest to find the best smart turbo trainer, it went against the Elite Direct X, Saris H2, and Wahoo Kickr. 

Turbo trainer four up grouptest

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Without a doubt, the Tacx Neo 2T is an excellent turbo trainer. Its greatest achievement is probably its realistic pedalling quality. However, it’s not perfect – the ‘rocking’ facilitated by the design can be off-putting and the folding mechanism makes it less convenient to fold away. 

Tacx Neo 2T smart trainer specs

Tacx neo 2T

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The Tacx Neo 2T boasts the stats that you’d expect from a direct drive turbo. It can replicate climbs as steep as 25%, which, given the steepest climb currently on Zwift is 22%, is comprehensive.

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