Storck Aerfast 3 aims for lighter, faster & more aerodynamic road bike, now w/ disc brakes

Storck Aerfast 3 aims for lighter, faster & more aerodynamic road bike, now w/ disc brakes

Joining the ranks of many other new aero road bikes racing in with disc brakes, Storck just unveiled the newest Aerfast. The Aerfast 3 builds on their aero road platform in a way that makes it more impressive than just adding disc brakes. According to the company, the new bike is more aero, stiffer, lighter, and even more comfortable.

Storck Aerfast 3 integrated cockpit

One of the biggest changes to the bike is the move to a fully integrated cable system which hides almost everything from the wind. Each bike ships with their RBSU Aerfast3 carbon stem/handlebar which mates to matching aero spacers which hide the cables as they enter the headtube.

Storck Aerfast 3 frame profile

After spending some time in the wind tunnel, Storck was able to tweak the tube profiles to gain a bit of free speed. Claiming that the new bike requires 11 fewer watts to maintain 45 km/h, that’s not a huge increase – but they did it while adding stiffness, reducing weight, and adding compliance.

Storck Aerfast 3 head tube seat tube

Power transmission is said to be 10% better, while headset stiffness has been increased by 13%, and lateral stiffness at the fork increased by 14%. Thanks to a new, more compliant seatpost, comfort is said to be 13% better as well.

And even after adding disc brakes, the bike checks in at a claimed 7.5kg (unspecified complete model without noted sizing).

Storck Aerfast 3 Pro Storck Aerfast 3 Comp

Offered in two complete build levels, the gold accented Pro starts at 5,698€ while the black on black Comp model starts at 3,499€ (or 4,499 € with the DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut wheels as shown above). There is also a frameset offered with the frame, fork, seatpost, and headset for 2,699€.

Bikes will begin delivering by the end of December, with preorders available now.

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