SARMS are banned substances surrounded by plenty of confusion, so what do we actually know about them? Tune in for a deep dive into SARMS, DIY nutrition products that are cheap and accessible, and how to reduce inflammation but still prioritize recovery.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • What are SARMS, the side effects, and why are they illegal? 18:09
  • How much inflammation is too much and is it necessary to get faster? 39:49
  • Are antioxidants and NSAIDS bad for recovery? 50:01
  • Should you lick your heart rate strap? 1:10:55
  • How to use Plan Builder if you don’t have a race on your calendar? 1:12:47
  • Strength training without a gym 1:15:03
  • How to identify limiters 1:17:19
  • Ultra-distance training with short workouts 1:21:33
  • How to train for a Gran Fondo 1:23:37
  • DIY cheap nutrition options 1:27:25
  • Why we produce mucus when training 1:34:51
  • Does blackcurrant make you faster? 1:54:48

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