Shredder Remy Morton Is A Style Icon

Shredder Remy Morton Is A Style Icon

It is no secret that Bike clothing is expensive. The nicest materials and fits designed for mountain biking are not cheap to design and produce.

For this reason, a counterculture has sprung up. Rather than spring for the nice stuff, many riders are riding in their casual outfits, especially at bike parks and dirt jumps.

Perhaps the most iconic of these riders is Rémy Morton. The Australian is known for absolutely shredding in short shorts and a baggy shirt, with no kneepads in sight. Watch a clip of his unique fashion choice below.

In this video, Morton throws a steezy table off a large drop in Utah. Without music, the viewer is blessed with the sound of his raw tires. Such a great clip.

The casual outfits Revolution has its roots in skateboarding. The vans, short shorts, and baggy Tees are directly influenced by our boarder brethren.

Remy Morton is an Australian freerider. He has even earned a Red Bull Helmet!

Morton is not just unique in his fashion. He also runs a 24-inch wheel on the back, a move which is unheard of these days.

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