Should You Buy Your Bike Online or Locally?

Should You Buy Your Bike Online or Locally?

You’re in the market for a new bike, so are you going to purchase it from one of the many retailers online? 

Or are you going to venture into your community and purchase it from a local brick-and-mortar shop?

There are many advantages to purchasing a bike either online or locally, which is why cyclists have a tough time choosing which direction to go.

If you decide to shop online, you essentially have an unlimited selection, but you can’t test out the bike. If you shop local, you can test ride the bike, but you’re limited on inventory and more locked into a price.

Sometimes, cyclists always aren’t sure what’s the best way to purchase a new bike. So, I’m going to break down the pros and cons for both shopping options in order to help you make a decision that’s best for you.

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