Should I Get A Custom Bike?

Should I Get A Custom Bike?

You may just want to treat yourself to a custom bicycle because you’re a big fan of equipment and you love the process. Perhaps you’re new to cycling and a custom build is a perfect journey for you to go beyond the basics and deep-dive into the technical nitty-gritty.

There’s so much to learn about every step of the process, starting with body measurements, the table jigs and choice of lugs (or not), to the different welding techniques, heat treatments, anodizing, painting, decal, and clear coat application. You’re already impatient for the big reveal of your new soulmate, but that’s the fun.

Many of today’s trends were born in custom builder’s shops. Think back to the start of the MTB movement when old beach cruisers were adapted to tackle the slopes of Mount Tam. It’s back in vogue today, but for years it was difficult to find a quality cyclocross bike, so hardcore fans turned to custom options.

Earth-friendly cargo and work-specific bikes like the Bullitt started out as the brainchild of avid cyclists that were sick of polluting and sitting in traffic. They wanted another option over a car to do deliveries, errands, and grocery shopping. This green trend has become a staple of many local retail shops and larger package delivery companies.

For many riders, a custom bike may be nothing more than a personal reward for achieving a certain turning point in life like retirement, an anniversary, or a professional accomplishment. 

Do we really need to justify treating ourselves to such a fine bicycle? 

You work hard for your money and deserve it, so don’t think twice.

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