Shimano gets casual with 25th Anniversary SPD sandals –

Shimano gets casual with 25th Anniversary SPD sandals –

Shimano is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its SPD sandal with a special-edition model, in a unique color scheme.

Shimano says the second-generation Shimano SPD sandals — the Shimano SD-501A —  have a sleek minimalistic design, with a dark navy upper and special logo accents. And, not-so-secretly, we’re hoping they also come with the matching socks.


Why would Shimano re-introduce this seemingly limited-appeal footwear? Recently, a pair of mint condition Shimano SD50 SPD Sandals from the year 2000 surfaced in Vietnam, and sold on eBay for more than $900.

It seems like a demand-driven business decision by the company was inevitable. The SPD sandal may very well have another moment in the sun as a result.

Shimano 501 SPD Sandals
Like all SPD-compatible footwear, a two-bolt cleat mounts to the sole of these sandals. Photo: Shimano

Shimano introduced the SD50 as the world’s first clipless-pedal-compatible sandal and they featured an open design for maximum breathability.

The seemingly esoteric product quickly found a cult-like following across the U.S. and especially in the rolling hills of the Midwest. They are available in sizes 38 – 48, for $135 from your local Shimano footwear dealer.

Keep an eye out gravel-grinders, you just might be passed by a sandal-clad crusher — if they use Shimano SPD pedals, of course.