Second hand bikes from actual pros? sells them worldwide

Second hand bikes from actual pros? sells them worldwide

If you think a bike is more than just the sum of its parts — if you think its rider, its builders, and its mechanics all play a role in making it what it is — you might want to check out

Finding actual bikes that pro teams have owned, maintained, and ridden, is not easy to do at the level of online retail. But that’s exactly what the site seeks to change. Its stated mission: “to provide access to the world’s most desired bikes in the smartest way.”

To do it, the team basically set up a tightly curative Amazon for “well-loved” authentic team-owned bikes. The site also sells high-end new bikes for multiple disciplines, from cyclocross to triathlon. And it offers customers a conduit to sell and trade bikes.

First things first: team bikes. Right now, for instance, you can get a 2021 57cm Bianchi Specialissima with Shimano Ultegra R8170 Di2 disc 2×12’s that Team BikeExchange-Jayco’s Alexander Koynchev rode. Price: $5,203.62, down 39% from $8,471.02.

Koynchev’s Specialissima. Photos c.

BikeExchange-Jayco’s got a few rides on the block through at the moment. You can also get Kevin Colleoni’s Specialissima (also 57cm, geared 2×11), or Lucas Hamilton’s (nearly identical to Colleoni’s).

To give buyers confidence, also inspects, tests, and authenticates each bike that comes through. In the site’s “certification program,” a World Tour mechanic scours each bike. Once a buyer picks it out, they get technical help and fitment from the site’s head mechanic. Then, an “expert” remains accessible for any further troubleshooting.

Don’t miss the “Hall of Fame” section on the website, where you can find super high-profile previous collections. Several of the EF Pro Cycling Team’s 2020 Cannondale Super Six and Super Six Evos previously sold, as did Ineos Grenadiers’ Pinarello Dogma F12 X-Lights.

Gianni Moscon, Ben Swift, Lachlan Morton — you may or may not be able to ride like them, but you can ride their bikes, thanks to

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