RockShox TwistLoc prototype remote lockout, GripShift-style!

RockShox TwistLoc prototype remote lockout, GripShift-style!

At last weekend’s XC World Cup in Nové Město, we spotted this next-gen prototype RockShox TwistLoc remote shock lockout on one of the Ghost Factory Racing Team bikes. Combining the look and feel of old school GripShift, it looks like a tidy suspension remote setup that improves cable routing and leaves plenty of room for modern dropper post remotes…

RockShox TwistLoc v2 remote shock lockout prototype

RockShox TwistLoc v2 next-gen GripShift remote shock lockout prototype, detail

Lovers of GripShift should be excited to see what looks like the next iteration of RockShox’s TwistLoc suspension remotes. This new remote being tested by the Ghost riders sports a classic high inner flange that should offer more grip to get ahold of and twist, unlike the current low-profile model RockShox offers.

Why do you need it?

RockShox TwistLoc v2 next-gen GripShift remote shock lockout prototype, Ghost Factory Racing Team testing

prototype TwistLoc v2 (left) vs. current RockShox TwistLoc (right)

The function appears to be the same though, pulling 1 or 2 mechanical remote cables to lockout a fork and/or rear shock, with a 2-position Open or Lock control.

The new prototype has a higher flange, but improved cable routing that appears to tuck in more nicely under the brake lever without getting in the way.

That means there’s even more space behind the bar to access an AXS dropper remote attached with a MatchMaker mount, or any other dropper remote.

RockShox current OneLoc remote shock lockout, Anne Terpstra 

Interestingly, we only noticed Ghost Factory Racing’s Caroline Bohé using the new GripShift-style TwistLoc, while other team members used the current version.

Anne Terpstra (above) had a cockpit setup using the 2-button OneLoc that allows for independent fork & shock lockout controls. But it’s a pretty crowded setup on her bar, so Terpstra uses a blip on top of the bar next to her righthand grip to activate her Reverb AXS dropper post.

RockShox TwistLoc v2 next-gen GripShift remote shock lockout prototype, close-up detail

As more and more XC racers stay on their full-suspension bikes for all racing all the time, and now that we can’t live without our dropper posts, this as-yet-unreleased RockShox TwistLoc v2 should give more cockpit setup adjustability, while bringing back the beloved GripShift look and feel!

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