Rimpact Pro V2 Tire Inserts go Wider for Better Stability & Protection

Rimpact Pro V2 Tire Inserts go Wider for Better Stability & Protection

Rimpact has updated, rather than reinvented, its line of mountain bike tire inserts. The design didn’t require an overhaul, as evidenced by the various accolades it has picked up over the years, one of which was our Editor’s Choice Award back in 2020. So, what’s new? The Rimpact Pro V2 and Original V2 tire inserts are now wider where it counts, tighter on the rim, more resistant to stretch, and more, all while adding little to no weight penalty. Here’s more. 

Rimpact PRO V2 and Original V2 Tire Inserts

rimpact pro v2 tire insert and original v2

The Rimpact Pro V2 Tire Insert (left) is made of a dual-density closed cell foam for improved impact resistance over the Original V2 (right)

At 55mm, the Rimpact PRO V2 and Original V2 tire inserts are wider than their old versions, a change made to keep up with wider modern rims and the high volume tires (2.4″-2.6″) that are now standard across Trail, Enduro and DH. The wider insert ensures there is protection where it’s needed. The wider base also means he insert sits tighter to the rim, and adds better support at the tire sidewalls and bead area, helping to resist tire roll and burping.

The V2 Tire Inserts are also more resistant to stretch, so you should get more riding out of them before you’re at risk of any rattling. They are said to be slightly harder wearing than the old version, which was already capable of lasting the length of a full race season.

rimpact pro v2 tire inserts

Rimpact also tells us the new Pro V2 and Original V2 are both less prone to shrinkage under pressure. All will shrink a little inside the tire when it is inflated of course, but Rimpact’s V2 range has been designed to better resist that so that the insert can perform as intended on the trail without shriveling up too much.

Altogether, the abovementioned updates are said to deliver a set of tire inserts that are ultimately more protective than their V1 predecessors. Rimpact worked hard to reduce the weight penalty associated with the upgrades; the Pro V2 weighs a claimed 160g in 29″ and 150g in 27.5″.

Pricing & Availability

rimpact pro v2 tire inserts

The Rimpact PRO V2 Inserts and Original V2 Inserts retail at £84.99 and £59.99, respectively. That gets you a pair of inserts, in either 29″, 27.5″ or 29″/27.5″ for mullet setups. With each purchase comes a pair of Rimpact’s tire insert specific tubeless valves. At checkout you can upgrade to Peaty’s Tubeless Valves (also compatible with inserts) if you wish to add a splash of color, and there;s the option to add Stan’s tubeless sealant and rim tape for the full package.


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