Revel Bikes Introduces the Ranger Brunch Ride Edition

Revel Bikes Introduces the Ranger Brunch Ride Edition

It was only a matter of time before someone spoofed Yeti’s Lunch Ride models. For those of us who’ve forgotten what it’s like not to work from home, Yeti’s Lunch Ride bikes were inspired by employee builds that were slightly burlier versions of existing models for the quick loops they’d knock out during lunch. We covered the SB130 Lunch Ride just this year, and it’s a beast of a bike. But what if you’re in the mood for something … lighter? Revel’s Ranger is part of the new crop of versatile but quick 29ers that are somewhere between XC and Trail. Sorta like how brunch is somewhere between breakfast and lunch. So, it’s the perfect bike to give a little extra attitude. The go-to build on the stock Ranger is decked out with the newly revamped XC-focused RockShox SID lineup, but the Ranger Lunch Ride gets a Pike fork that goes to 130 millimeters of travel instead of the stock SID’s 120. Out back, it gets a Super Deluxe shock that, unlike the SB130 Lunch Ride, is not over-stroked, so the rear end gets you the same 115 millimeters that the original setup, but with a more robust, tunable feel.

Revel Ranger Brunch Ride

Photo Credit: Revel Bikes

The aggression doesn’t stop there, though. Revel went from the already above-category Maxxis Dissector tires to a set of Minions. And in a step that gives the bike a unique, dream-build feel, they went for TRP Slate 4-piston brakes and a set of 780-millimeter titanium handlebars from Revel’s sister brand, Why Cycles.

We have no word on price yet, but that’s how brunch works. You don’t get the check until you’re done ordering.

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