Rent Gear With Guidance From ‘Wizards’: Moosejaw Enters Try-Before-You-Buy Space

Rent Gear With Guidance From ‘Wizards’: Moosejaw Enters Try-Before-You-Buy Space

Moosejaw’s new rental program ships gear from brands like MSR, Kelty, and Marmot to your door at minimal cost, with minimal hassle.

It’s no secret that camping gear is expensive and, in some places, hard to get. Moosejaw’s new gear rental and shipping program seeks to solve both those problems in one fell swoop.

The online retailer’s initiative will neutralize the hassles of typical, in-person gear rentals by facilitating the entire process. Experts the company calls “Gear Wizards” will be ready to give all renters “high-touch” support. And rentals over $49 will ship to the customer’s home or destination at no charge. At the end of the rental period, you ship it back, also at no charge.

The company positions it as a utility for a wide user group. New adventurers just getting into the scene, travelers who like to pack light, or anyone who wants to try before they buy but doesn’t live near a gear store will benefit.

It offers four main packages: a car camping package, “comfort camping” package, standard backpacking kit, or ultralight backpacking kit.

“For those new to the outdoor experience, this program provides an approachable solution for securing top quality gear with a minimum investment,” said Eoin Comerford, CEO of Moosejaw.

“For outdoor devotees looking to try new products or refresh a current supply, this enables them to try before they buy. With today’s busier lifestyles and more consumers venturing outdoors for the first time, the convenience of having your gear arrive at your front door or at your vacation destination makes the effort to get outdoors seamless and easy,” Comerford added.

moosejaw gear rental
A “standard” rentable backpacking setup from Moosejaw; (photo/Moosejaw)

‘Gear Wizards’ Make Rental Magic

To help those new to the outdoors, each rental includes a free consultation with a Moosejaw Gear Wizard. The experts work from Moosejaw’s retail locations to render advice to renters on picking the right gear, compiling packing lists, and planning trips. And in case hiccups still occur, cancellations are free up to 10 days before the rental period starts.

Moosejaw’s program is unique compared to other rental programs that either don’t ship directly to users or only offer their own branded gear. According to the company, it’s the first to ship a wide range of brands directly to the renter.

As an added bonus, the program facilitates reuse, which can help minimize overproduction and keep gear in use longer.

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Customer Rewards on Rentals

moosejaw gear rental
An “ultralight” rentable backpacking setup from Moosejaw; (photo/Moosejaw)

The brand’s 10% discount to users — called Moosejaw Reward Dollars — even applies to rented gear. Renters can either apply the savings directly to the rental in progress, or anything else Moosejaw sells.

What if you love the gear so much you don’t want to return it? Easy, you can buy it from Moosejaw at the end of your rental period too.

Check out the program on the online portal — and start dreaming up your next trip, relieved of the job of doing all the outfitting yourself.

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