Rambo R1000XPS Xtreme Electric Hunting Bike Review

Rambo R1000XPS Xtreme Electric Hunting Bike Review

Ever thought about buying an electric hunting bike? Well, let us tell you that more and more hunters are using electric bikes because of the benefits they have. However, not all electric bikes are suitable for mountains, forests or other difficulties of hunting. 

If you are looking for an e-bike that can help you while you are hunting in the woods, only the high-performance, and powerful bikes will do the trick. Have you ever heard of the Rambo R1000XPS Xtreme Performance electric bike? We think that this is powerful enough to help you in any type of hunting or even usual riding in the all-type terrains. 

Let’s get through some main features that this powerful e-bike has to offer!


  • Motor: Bafang 1000W BBSHD High-Torque mid-drive whisper-quiet motor
  • Battery: Panasonic 48V 14.5AH
  • Bike Type: Hunting/Fatbike 
  • Battery charging time: approx. 6 hours from empty to full
  • Bike weight: 69 lbs (31 kg)
  • Twist throttle: Yes
  • Top speed: 28 mph (44 kph)
  • Top range without pedaling: 20+ miles (32+ km)
  • Tires: Fat 4.8″ Maxxis tires 
  • Wheel size: 26″
  • Controller: thumb pad

What We Like About The Rambo R1000XPS

Everything that this electric bike offers is high-quality and branded. This ensures that you have a durable and reliable electric bike for your off-road journeys. 

Rambo R1000XPS Xtreme electric bike has one of the most powerful motors that come in an e-bike. 1000W Bafang motor gives pure power. Even more, this motor is quiet, making the e-bike suitable for hunters. 

Maxxis Minion FBF 4.8″ tires make this e-bike easy-to-ride in all types of terrain. The tires are specifically made for trail riding and offer great performance. 

Supreme shock-absorbing suspension fork allows you to have a smooth and soft ride even in a bumpy mountain ride. Besides, you can control the air shock and adjust the damping control. 

Downsides of Rambo R1000XPS

If you are looking for a basic electric bike that you can ride in the city streets, you may want to look for another option. This electric bike is made to go off-road and is even suitable to go hunting. A powerful 1000W could be too much for a basic city ride.

The Rambo electric bike is not suitable for budget seekers. If you want to find an electric bike that is under $1000, the RX1000XPS might seem too expensive. 

The electric bike is heavy! If you are thinking that you can easily lift this bike into your car with one hand, well… We are going to let you down and say that you will not be able to do this, as this bike weighs almost 69 pounds! However, it is a perfect weight comparing to wheel size and sturdy frame of this e-bike. 


The Rambo R1000XPS Xtreme electric bike is suitable for the hunters and people who like to ride off-road. Thanks to the 4.8″ tires, your trip will be successful no matter the type of terrain. The e-bike offers a powerful 1000W motor that works quietly and in a combination of the Panasonic 48V 14.5AH battery – the Rambo electric bike is a beast!

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