PUSH SV8 Coil Shock Drops a Valve, Keeps the Performance

PUSH SV8 Coil Shock Drops a Valve, Keeps the Performance

The new PUSH SV8 coil shock departs from their ELEVENsix model with a simplified, more affordable design to give more riders a serious upgrade option. Where their top level shocks use two independent damping valves, letting riders switch between two distinct tunes on the fly, the SV8 gets just one.

push SV8 coil shock for e-mtb

But it has a massive range of adjustability and all the same tech, delivering the premium performance PUSH is known for at little more than half the price. It’s not just about being more affordable, though, it also has a more traditional piggy-back shock shape to fit more frames.

It gets a wider range of damping adjustments than the dual-valve model. The SV8 has 28 clicks each for both high- and low-speed compression damping, plus 18 clicks of low-speed rebound adjustment.

cutaway diagrams of the push SV8 coil shock

Inside is their Hydraulic Bottom Out, which rapidly decelerates compression during the last 15% of travel to avoid a hard bottom out. It works by directing a smaller piston head into a smaller cylinder, creating a separate “mini” air spring that ramps really hard, really fast.

cutaway diagrams of the push SV8 coil shock

The SV8 also gets their User Adjustable Stroke, offering three different stroke settings (in 2.5mm increments) from a single shock. This makes it easy to swap between similar bikes, or even play with the travel on your own bike if you don’t mind the resulting geometry changes.

It’s built to handle the extra stresses from heavier e-MTBs, too. The high-strength steel shaft combines with oversized shaft eyelets to reduce flex under lateral loads presented by some linkage designs.

PUSH SV8 specs list:

  • 25 Clicks of External Low-Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 25 Clicks of External High-Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 18 Clicks of External Low Speed Rebound Adjustment
  • 3 Port Bridged Progressive Damping Piston
  • Low-Pressure Reservoir System (95psi)
  • Motorex 3D Response Technology Shock Oil
  • Independent Hydraulic Bottom Out Piston
  • Standard Eyelet and Trunnion Mount, metric sizes only
  • Standard 15mm (0.594”) eyelets w/ 12.7mm (0.5”) DU bushings & 5pc
  • Melonite QPQ high-strength steel shaft for Yoke Mount and E-MTB compatibility
manufacturing of the push SV8 coil shock

Like all of their suspension parts, the PUSH SV8 is made in-house in Colorado and comes with a fully transferrable lifetime warranty as long as you perform the annual service checks (Basically it’s a one-year warranty that starts over with each annual service).

MSRP is $865 for the damper, plus $95 for whichever PUSH Hypercoil spring you need for your bike and weight. Mounting kits are $20. It’s also compatible with any aftermarket coil spring with a 35mm inside diameter.


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