Pretty Paint, Cool Stuff & an Homage to a Legend… a MADE Show Photo Dump

Pretty Paint, Cool Stuff & an Homage to a Legend… a MADE Show Photo Dump

MADE Bike Show Dragon BoatPhoto c. R.Frazelle

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I’ve said it so many times in my recent posts, but there was so much to see at the MADE Show. I don’t want to, nor do I need to get too wordy for this next post.

This post is going to be mainly photos of some of the random and not-so-random subjects that I saw while wandering the show. It’s not going to be all of the cool stuff, I mean, I’m just one man. It will be entertaining, though. I promise. Some of the subjects will have one photo and some, many photos. This, in no way, means to hint at favorites. Like a parent, I love them all equally… *wink*.

Pretty Paint Jobs

Breadwinner Cycles

Breadwinner Cycles hero
Photo c. R.Frazelle


Black Magic Paint

Flux Customs

Flux Customs hero

Mosaic Cycles

Mosaic Cycles hero

Fillet Brazing and Crazy Curves

Black Cat Bikes

Black Cat Bikes hero

Wolfhound Cycles‘ Handlebars

Wolfhound hbars side

Monē Bikes

Mone Bikes curvey full sus

A Homage to a Legend

Bruce Gordon of Bruce Gordon Cycles (6/14/48 – 6/7/19)

Bruce Gordon Homage fez
The Fez

Out of the Norm…

English Cycles Interpretation of the Fat Chance RC-100

English Square Framed Bike EC 100

MADE Bike Show Rickshaw Bike (or Pedicab)

WHBradford Designs Mono Shoker

WHBradford Designs Mono Shoker

He called it a “Bike Lane Vacuum”… and it worked.

Bike Lane Vacuum back side

Exhibitor’s Bike

The Team 7/11 Inspired Breadwinner B Road of Thomas “Hurl” Everstone (Sugar Wheel Works)

Hurl's 7:11 Breadwinner hero with legend in the background

MADE Bike Show Founder’s Bike

MADE Show Founder, Billy “Souphorse” Sinkford’s Custom Moots

Souphourse's Moots hero

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