POC VPDs Thermal bib tights review

POC VPDs Thermal bib tights review

Almost every bib tight design on the market is similar. There’s nuance, of course, and that’s why some of them make our list of the best winter bib tights for cycling in the cold and some don’t. The broad strokes are very similar though: it’s unusual to find something that’s totally different and that’s what the POC Thermal VPDs bib tights represent. Different doesn’t necessarily mean better though, so to figure out how the different design worked, we’ve put them to the test. 

Keep reading to see what we thought worked and what did not. We have suggestions about when it makes sense to choose this solution from POC and how they might fit into your cycling wardrobe.

POC VPDs Thermal Bib tights

There are four reflective hits plus the logo. (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics 

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