OneUp Components Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary, Refunds First 42 Customers

OneUp Components Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary, Refunds First 42 Customers

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It’s crazy to think that 10 years ago, the modern 1x drivetrain was just starting to catch on. SRAM had introduced their XX1 1×11 group the year prior, but for many riders, it was still too soon to ditch their existing drivetrains. Suddenly, we started seeing wide-range cassette adapters popping up, which allowed riders to modify existing 10-speed groups.

OneUp Components Expander Sprocket
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This brings us to OneUp Component’s first-ever product, the 42T Expander Sprocket.

Ten years ago today, I was the first to report on the bright green sprocket. That’s one of my favorite parts about this job – finding exciting products from new and upcoming brands, and getting to tell their story. True to my words 10 years ago, that original Expander Sprocket is still holding up well. It was even still in service on a ‘loaner’ bike until just recently.

To celebrate their 10-year anniversary, OneUp Components is also looking to reward their very first customers. In honor of the 42t on that first product, OneUp is refunding the first 42 people who bought an Expander Sprocket – even adjusted for inflation. The company has already reached out to as many of those first customers as they could, but if you haven’t heard from OneUp, they’d like you to get in touch!

Congratulations to OneUp Components on the anniversary!

From OneUp Components:


OneUp Components is 10 years old today. The idea for our first product came about back in 2013 when Jon, one of our founders, broke his brand new, recently launched, SRAM XX1 derailleur. Replacements weren’t readily available so he tried to make his old Shimano 10-speed cassette work for 1x. He designed and made a 42T sprocket to widen the range of the cassette. It actually rode way better than we expected. And that got us thinking.

OneUp was officially born on November 28, 2013 when we released our very first product on Bike Rumor: The 42T Expander Sprocket. It cost $100 USD with free shipping worldwide and gave ten-speed riders 90% of the benefit of 1×11 at 10% of the cost. 

Our first customers bought an untested product from a completely unknown brand on a website that we built in a weekend. Unbelievably, our first production order sold out in less than 24hrs. And, insanely, somehow we were now a mountain bike brand! 

Everyone has to start somewhere and for us it all began with a big green cog. We’re now 10 years old and many things have changed. But we still make the components we want on our bikes and sell them at a price we’d pay with our own money. 

“Thank you to anyone that’s ever ridden a OneUp Component. We’re still here today because of you. And we’re extremely grateful for your support over the last 10 years.”

As a way to say thanks to our earliest supporters, we’re giving the first 42 people who bought a 42T Expander Sprocket a refund for their original order, adjusted for inflation. We’ve tried to contact you all. But If you bought a 42T Sprockets on November 28, 2013 and haven’t heard from us please get in touch.

We’re working harder than ever to design the parts we want for our bikes. We’re excited to share more of them with you soon. Stay tuned.

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