News from the backoffice

September 2021 We’ve added our new cycling shop. All handpicked products, reviewed by our staff and recommended to the public, if you have any suggestions on products you would like reviewed and added to our store let us know by email, we would greatly appreciate it.

April 2020 We’ve added a Forum. It’s still pretty basic at this point, as, despite Corona, we still have tons of other things to do, but it’s a start. Anyone feel called to help out in the moderation, feel free to drop me a message. Looking forward to lively discussions and hopefully an interested community.

February 2020 Looking to expand the site even further we’ve now started to add videos as well. We’re also looking for people that can write product reviews in any of the languages English, Dutch or German. If you can do all 3 that would of course be a bonus. Drop us an email at to discuss rates

January 2020 A larger operation this time, we went from a private server to a public one. As the technical bit was somewhat less synchronized, the site was down for a few days. In the same operation we wanted to prepare for further language versions, which required a little restructuring.

July 2019 I bought the domain, as I lived in Switzerland, like bikes and wanted to try out the interweb a bit. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to direct too much time to it in the initial months which is why the site didn’t really take off.