Mystery Ranch Packs Treks Into Cinema With ‘Origins: OVERLOAD’

Mystery Ranch Packs Treks Into Cinema With ‘Origins: OVERLOAD’

Origins: OVERLOAD is a cinematic look from Mystery Ranch into the conception story of the brand’s OVERLOAD feature.

Mystery Ranch’s OVERLOAD pack feature, first launched in the Terraframe but now a staple in several packs, may not seem like an exciting topic to star in a movie. An entire video dedicated to just one aspect of gear? Really?

But you’ll quickly see the OVERLOAD is deserving of a spotlight. After all, this pack feature allows you to easily (and hopefully comfortably) carry everything from an elk to a jerry can, a rifle case, and heck, even a keg. Maybe even your dog.

Want to know what goes on behind the scenes of building a pack? How large, bulky, heavy, and awkward did those test loads get? Was this pack feature actually tested by military snipers? You’ll find out in this brand film.

If the OVERLOAD is indicative of anything, it’s Mystery’s overall slogan, “built for the mission” — whatever that mission is.

Looking for more? Check out the OVERLOAD pack design feature in Mystery Ranch Military, Hunting, and Outdoor packs.

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