Mokwheel the rising e-bike revolutionist

Mokwheel the rising e-bike revolutionist

Look at the world around you. The e-Bike market is growing with each passing day. The question is—is it growing fast enough? Evidently not. Mokwheel understands this better than most other manufacturers. The need to propel the said e-Bike statistics by 2030 is, therefore, super important.

Mokwheel has taken it upon themselves to provide the best e-Bike offerings. If that wasn’t enough, they promise really affordable prices. We have a lot of exciting things to share about the company; let’s begin by looking at some of the latest machines!

Meet the Latest Additions—the Tor and the Upland Plus

Not all bikes are meant for everyone. The need to custom-tailor e-Bikes is what Mokwheel understands and is a part of its core. Ergo, the new and latest additions, the Tor and the Upland Plus are here to prove just that. What are their core specifications that make it so appealing? Find out here.

The More-than-Capable Motor

Both these bikes come with a pretty massive 750W motor. This not only will meet your daily urban requirements but also those weekend trails are easier than ever before. Both the Tor and the Upland Plus are here to break the stereotypes of commuting.

With a 48V battery that is capable of 45+ miles with one charge, commuting from one end of the city to another is not a hassle anymore. Mokwheel’s R&D is pretty strong on this one. The sheer strength of their Quality Control ensures that the numbers are as good in use as they are on paper.

Greater Stopping Capabilities

The Tor and the Upland Plus are pretty fast bikes. Naturally, Mokwheel understands the need to place bigger and better quality brakes too. The 180mm discs are more than capable of bringing the bikes to a halt in no time. With the bite of the brakes evenly spread, progressive braking is an easy task now too.

Quick Shifting, Soft Suspension

Shimano shifters are rather capable additions to the bikes themselves. With a 7-speed shifter, the Tor and the Upland Plus make it super easy to quickly shift gears with quick thumb flicks. This not only calls for a smoother riding experience but also makes the bikes a lot more efficient.

Suspension is yet another aspect that the Tor and the Upland Plus are pretty great at. Their adjustable suspensions make sure that you can customize them according to your needs. Moreover, these are on the softer side, meaning that rough bumps and humps are not for your body to take.

The Electrical Bits

An e-bike is incomplete without foolproof electrical bits. Naturally, the Tor and the Upland Plus excel here as well. Not only are the wirings sealed from water and abrasive bits, but the result of such intricately-carved wiring is visible to you. One glance at the powerful 48V headlight or the LED taillight, and you will know for yourself.

Focus on Comfort

Despite being used for both urban or off-road purposes, the Tor and the Upland Plus focus on comfort. The seats are not only better shaped to place yourself comfortably on them, but are super-nicely padded too.

Carrying Capacity

For the most part, e-Bikes make compromises on carrying capacities to make them light and fast. Think about it, the banal engineers usually are compelled to sacrifice cargo because of the battery, as one needs to be removed to keep the bike light on the whole.

Not the Tor and the Upland Plus. They come equipped with a heavy-duty bike rack that supports up to 200 pounds of weight. It is also sufficiently spacious owing to its 6.5” x 18.5” dimensions of it.

Wheels and Peripheries

Lastly, the Tor and the Upland Plus both come with a large all-purpose tire that does not wear out as easily. Additionally, it has crevices to be better suited for multiple terrains such as roads and gravel. In a bid to ensure that the tires are protected, they also come with fenders both on the back and front. The full-fenders ensure great protection, thereby increasing longevity.

Why Mokwheel?

If crude numbers aren’t enough, Mokwheel has a few more things to propose. What separates Mokwheel from the others aren’t just superior numbers and tangible ideas, but things and tidbits that aren’t visible to the naked eye. What are those?

Quality Control

Mokwheel practices strict QC measures. Their bikes are sturdy, durable, and have no holes or gaps with regard to the overall quality of the product. There are more-than-sufficient test rides done too, to better gauge the viewpoint and use-cases of the customers.

If not anything, Mokwheel products are pretty finely crafted to completion. We’d go as far as saying that they provide a true sense of completeness. Use one for yourself, and you will be left with no complaints (or words, for that matter). There is also a 2-year-warranty on their bikes, but we honestly don’t think you will need it.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Despite practicing great QC, Mokwheel understands that exceptionally rare problems can be a possibility. Due to this, the company has made assembly and disassembly of the bike rather easy. Further, there is an umpteen number of tutorials and videos to prove the same.

In a day and age of companies trying to keep their customers around for longer, Mokwheel wants you to be as independent as possible. You will not possibly face any issues with your bike. But on the rarest occasion, if you do—they have all the literature ready for you. Additionally, you will be provided with those small components like bolts, which go a long way.

The Price

Before you assume that such a well-equipped bike would be expensive, we are here to ask you to stop and reconsider. With an already low asking price of $1699, Mokwheel has made it all the more affordable with a promotion of $150 off. An effective price of just $1549 with the fender and rack as free additions? An offer you can’t refuse.

Wrap Up

The e-Bike market is getting competitive. While most seem to just ramp up the number game, Mokwheel realizes that the best-selling point of an e-bike is not the crude number but customer satisfaction. The Tor and the Upland plus are here not to win your hard-earned money but your heart instead. Happy cycling!

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