LeMond is back with all new 27lb carbon fiber e-bikes – with full coverage fenders

LeMond is back with all new 27lb carbon fiber e-bikes – with full coverage fenders

If someone told you that Greg LeMond was about to launch a new line of bikes, carbon fiber e-bikes are probably not what you would expect. But then again, maybe you should. Known for being on the cutting edge of cycling technology, LeMond is embracing e-bike tech as a way to get more people out riding – and building some of the lightest, and sleek bikes in the process.

LeMond Daily e-bike

Initially available in just two models, the Daily is designed with a standard frame…

LeMond Dutch e-bike

…while the Dutch uses a step-through design.

LeMond Daily e-bike side

Both frames are manufactured from carbon fiber using “current industry standards.” That last part is important, since LeMond was hoping to create the “Holy Grail of Carbon Fiber” with Oakridge National Laboratory in 2016. But this doesn’t mean that LeMond has given up on revolutionizing carbon fiber production, stating, “we have developed new processes that will significantly reduce the cost of carbon fiber, while also improving the quality. The impact is big in that it expedites the process and results in a massive reduction of the energy required to make carbon fiber. Aside from efficiency, there’s improved quality and cost reduction. LeMond Carbon will play a major role in LeMond Bikes and has great potential to serve other industries as well.  Due to the cost, carbon fiber has been a luxury material only available to select industries and applications – but there are thousands of ways that carbon fiber can and should be used once it is more available and accessible.”

So while these bikes use standard carbon manufacturing methods, LeMond makes it sound like future LeMond bikes will eventually use their proprietary carbon tech.

LeMond Daily e-bike details

Naturally, making the bike frame, the fenders, and the integrated bar/stem out of carbon fiber reduces the weight. When paired with a MAHLE ebikemotion X35 motor and 250Wh integrated battery, you’re left with a crazy light e-bike that weighs in at a claimed 27.2 lbs for the base model! The integrated battery should be good for around 46 miles depending on the use, and the bike will be compatible with a 250Wh external add-on rage extender.

Mahle ebike motion X35.

  • 36V 250w – Max. Torque: 40N.m -Ratio: 14:1

  • Maximum Speed: 26kph

  • 40Nm max torque, optimized for speeds between 15 and 25 km

  • Battery- 250watt-hours, integrated in downtube (non-removable)

  • Compatible with 250wh extended-range external add-on battery

  • 46 mile range with integrated battery

  • Integrated Remote:

LeMond Dutch handlebars

LeMond Daily e-bike handlebars LeMond Dutch e-bike light

Two different bar/stem configurations are used on the two bikes, but both offer integrated lighting and internal cable routing to keep things as clean as possible.

LeMond Dutch e-bike headlight

That continues to the headtube/stem junction with a super clean look thanks to color matched spacers and a smooth transition from the frame to the stem.

LeMond Dutch e-bike front and back

The integration continues to the rear of the bike with rear lights built into the seat stays.

LeMond Daily Dutch e-bike geometry

Offered in three sizes each, both models roll on 700c x 38mm tires.

LeMond Daily e-bike Dutch colors

They’ll also be available in three colors for each model.

LeMond Daily e-bike Dutch specifications

The base model of each bike includes a 1×11 Shimano GRX drivetrain with hydraulic disc brakes and even a Spurcycle bell. The base Daily and Dutch are priced at $4,500, and both have upgrade options that will include LeMond carbon fiber wheels, a Shimano Di2 drivetrain, and a Brooks England saddle.


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