LAST CHANCE! Win a Granite Design STASH Tool and mobile bike repair kit!

LAST CHANCE! Win a Granite Design STASH Tool and mobile bike repair kit!

Want to win the stealthy Granite Design STASH multitool that hides in your steerer tube? With options for both alloy and carbon steerers, it’s easy to install and even easier to remove and use.

Five lucky winners will get one of those plus a full set of tools that hide all over your road, gravel or mountain bike! Everything you need, when you need it, right at your fingertips! The whole set has a retail value of almost $150! Each winner gets:

  • Stash RCX – Super light weight storage for essential tools, hidden away in your steerer tube. (110g)
  • Talon- Super lightweight, reinforced nylon tire levers with stainless-steel tipped quick link pliers for 9 thru 12 speed chains. (40g)
  • Rockband Plus- A super light, super tough 49cm long and 3.2cm wide, easy to use strap for carrying stuff on your frame. (25g)
  • Stash Tire Plug- Mounts inside your handlebar! A tire reamer, a tire fork, and 4 tire plugs are included in this kit. It  also comes with 2 end cap sizes to allow seamless installation with open-end grips or lock-on grips. (35g)
  • Stash Chain tool- Mounts inside your handlebar! It’s compatible with 9 thru 12 speed chains with quick link storage. (50g)
  • Punk CO2 Inflator and Caddy- Fits 16g or 25g CO2 canisters & works in harmony with the Rockband for carrying tire levers and multi tools on your frame. (25g)

Just answer this quick 3-question survey below to enter to WIN your own Stash Tool Set! All multiple choice questions and email field require an answer to enter the contest.

SURVEY CONTEST RULES: By submitting your response, you agree to these rules, terms & conditions: Only one entry per person. Multiple entries from same person will disqualify that person. All participants must provide a valid email address, as that is how Granite Design will contact the winner(s). All entrants’ email addresses may be added to the email newsletter/marketing lists for and Granite Design. Any emails sent from either party will contain “unsubscribe” options. Contest closes just before midnight (11:59pm) PST on Saturday, November 7th, 2020. Winner(s) will be selected at random and results are final. Winner(s) will have one week from the date of notification of winning to respond, after which Granite Design and/or reserve the right to choose an alternate winner and original winner forfeits all right to any prize(s).

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