KOM Rocker Plate rocks your pain cave 13° engaging your core for better indoor training

KOM Rocker Plate rocks your pain cave 13° engaging your core for better indoor training

Better known for their Garmin and Wahoo mounts, KOM Cycling have entered the pain cave, developing the Rocker Plate to decrease discomfort during turbo training sessions. A 13° side-to-side tilt is said to allow for more natural movement, akin to how you might experience riding on the road. At $449.99, the KOM Rocker Plate is over half the price of some of its competitors. Thus, we reckon it’s worth a closer look.

KOM Rocker Plate Trainer Platform

kom rocker plate indoor trainer platform wahoo kickr giant road bike

KOM Cycling claim that the horizontal movement offered by the Rocker Plate decreases static pressure to your joints, creating a more comfortable immersive indoor cycling
experience. If you are comfortable for longer you may find you have the ability to increase the duration of your turbo training sessions.

The Rocker Plate consists of two Lauan plywood boards connected by rubber isolation mounts. The isolation mounts are often used in industry to damp vibrations generated by motors, reducing the amount transferred to a vehicle chassis (and the humans within it).

kom rocker plate with wahoo kickr smart trainer

Unlike other (more expensive) rocking trainer platforms like the Saris MP1 that offer fore-aft movement too, the KOM Rocker Plate only allows for side-to-side movement. However, it does offer almost twice as much side-to-side movement; 13° as compared to the MP1’s 6°.

Looking at the Wahoo KICKR smart trainer, you may well be thinking that the AXIS feet upgrade would be a much cheaper option at just $79.99. However, it is worth noting that these too only offer 5° of sideways movement.

How do the isolation mounts work?

isolation mounts connect two plates together allow 13 degree side to side movement kom rocker plate

These thick rubber pucks have threaded interfaces on both sides that act like a flexible beam between the plates, allow for a rocking motion when they flex. KOM Cycling say the isolation mounts provide a nominal amount of spring force to help return the plates to level.

kom rocker plate inflatable balls determine speed of plate return to parralel

Inflatable balls also sit between the plates on both sides to help return them parallel with one another. The pressure in these balls can be adjusted to fine tune the ride feel. The lower the pressure, the more you’ll have to engage your core to move the bike underneath you.

Other rocking trainer platforms use a metal rod that runs along the length of the rocker plate that pivots on pillow bearings. KOM Cycling say they preferred the simplicity, reduced weight and ease of maintenance offered by the isolation mounts.

KOM Rocker Plate Size, Weight & Compatibility

kom cycling rocker plate indoor trainer platform with trek road bike mounted to wahoo fitness kickr smart trainer
The KOM Rocker Plate comes with five velcro straps that secure the trainer and front wheel to the platform

The KOM Rocker Plate weighs a claimed 42lbs, with the following platform dimensions:

  • Length: 64″
  • Width: 34.5″ (Widest), 11.5″ (Narrowest)
  • Height: 3.75″

It has a maximum weight capacity of 425lbs. Compatibility should only be limited by the width of the platform itself. KOM Cycling confirm it works with indoor trainers from Saris, Wahoo, Tacx and Elite.

Pricing & Availability

kom rocker plate turbo trainer platform tilts

The KOM Rocker Plate is shipping from the US as of January 14th. Pre-order one now for $449.99. Each Rocker Plate comes with five velcro straps, two inflatable balls, a ball inflator pump and a level tool for installation.


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