Italian Teen Hilariously Edits Footage Of His Huge Slam

Italian Teen Hilariously Edits Footage Of His Huge Slam

Mountain Biking is a dangerous sport. Sooner or later, all of us go down hard. Thankfully, we have cameras and the internet to record some of the best falls.

Watch Thomas Bruno’s fun edit of a particularly hard slam he took below.

Though I am not sure, I think that the explosion at the end might have been edited in. Most bikes are not that combustible.

All jokes aside, Bruno did go down pretty hard. He overturned in a corner,  hit a root with his front wheel, and plummeted down the trail. Hopefully, his collarbone is ok after a fall like that.

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Teens today bring a certain flair to mountain biking. In addition to the fact that many of them are filthy, their humor is unique. Thomas’ use of the audio and the edit has an air of not taking oneself too seriously which is refreshing in the world of biking.

Bruno is an Italian teenage rider who does both downhill and enduro. He is the current U15 Italian National Champion!

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