Introducing Mokwheel: An eBike Brand For Everyone

Introducing Mokwheel: An eBike Brand For Everyone

In 2021, David Liu, an ebiking enthusiast based in Ontario, identified a gap in the ebike market. He believed that ebikes were an exciting mode of transportation, but saw room for improvement to maximize their applicability. This idea served as the motivation behind Mokwheel’s entry into the ebiking industry. 

Mokwheel had been manufacturing electric scooters and hoverboards since 2014, and their expertise in electric transportation was unrivaled. With a fresh idea in mind, David Liu introduced the Mokwheel Tor Plus and Upland Plus, marking the emergence of an ebike company that has transformed the industry.

Over the years, Mokwheel has consistently exceeded consumers’ expectations, delivering innovative ebikes that have stood the test of time. They have garnered a substantial following of satisfied users in both America and Europe. Let’s take a closer look at Mokwheel and explore whether it’s a wise choice for your ebiking needs.

Core Values and Vision

The driving force behind Mokwheel’s success is their unwavering commitment to their mission. The company has taken on the mission to “make ebike accessible for everyone and revolutionize the way we travel”. 

Mokwheel’s ebike design and manufacturing centers around creating ebikes that cater to the diverse needs of consumers. Each ebike is thoughtfully designed with a specific audience in mind and is priced competitively to ensure affordability for consumers. Mokwheel is also dedicated to promoting a sustainable environment and encouraging a healthier lifestyle through ebikes.

David Liu’s vision is centered on ensuring that ebikers receive true value for their money and fully enjoy their hobby. This ideology has propelled Mokwheel to new heights and enabled the introduction of cutting-edge technologies that were previously unavailable. 
In addition to their innovative products, Mokwheel has made accessibility a priority. In the past, ebikers faced limited options due to geographical restrictions, but Mokwheel has addressed this by creating distinct websites for European, Canadian, and American users. This approach allows customers to receive their ebikes with ease and in a shorter time frame.

Mokwheel Ebike Series

Mokwheel offers a range of diverse ebike options to cater to various riding preferences and lifestyles. The models offered in different regions may have varying specifications to comply with local regulations. Let’s explore some of their notable models in European markets.

Mokwheel BasaltMokwheel Asphalt
BatterySamsung 48V 19.6ALG 36V 14.7Ah
Top Speed28 mph28 Mph
BrakesTEKTRO HD-M275 oil brakeTEKTRO HD-M275 oil brake
Pedal Assist55
RangeUp to 130 KM80-96 Km per charge
ThrottleThumb-throttleThumb Throttle
Weight36.65 kg28kg
Payload Capacity180 KG160 Kg

Mokwheel Basalt

The Basalt stands as Mokwheel’s most popular ebike. It is a versatile all-terrain electric bike with fat tires and a powerful motor that ensures top-notch off-road performance. What sets the Basalt apart is its unique power station feature, allowing you to charge your ebike using solar panels and inverter. 

The ebike is equipped with highly responsive hydraulic brakes and front fork suspension, ensuring a comfortable ride on challenging terrains. The 940Wh battery proves to be reliable, offering a maximum range of up to 130 Km.

Mokwheel Asphalt

Another popular 2023 release by Mokwheel is the Asphalt, designed with urban commuters in mind. This ebike features a 250 W motor with a torque sensor, allowing you to keep pace with city traffic effortlessly. The 100 mm adjustable front fork suspension ensures a comfortable ride, surpassing the standard among similar ebikes. 

The ebike comes with a free rear rack and fender, allowing you to carry additional items and make the most of its 160 Kg. Like Mokwheel’s latest releases, the Asphalt is equipped with Tektro’s hydraulic oil brakes, providing responsive braking and an overall comfortable riding experience.


Mokwheel offers a range of accessories designed to enhance your ebiking experience. These accessories are categorized as enrichment and spare parts; they are crafted to boost the functionality of your ebike. 

For example, Mokwheel’s rear top bag provides extra storage for your off-road adventures, keeping your belongings protected from weather elements. Mokwheel offers inverters, bike adapters, and solar panels to further elevate your riding experience. 

Rest assured, Mokwheel’s accessories maintain the same high quality as their ebikes, ensuring a satisfying experience for customers.

Target Audience

Mokwheel offers specialized ebikes for RVers, off-road enthusiasts, urban commuters, and regular travelers. 

The starting price for their ebikes is around €1.149,00, making them an affordable option for budget-conscious consumers. Mokwheel has also introduced a wide range of colors, including sophisticated and vibrant shades, that helps you find an ebike that suits your style.

While the specific target audience for each Mokwheel ebike may vary, overall, they aim to be a brand where every ebiker can find a suitable ride.

Warranty and Customer Service

The ebike brand offers a 2-year warranty and a 15-day return policy, which exceeds the industry average. Existing Mokwheel users have reported an easy return and refund process, emphasizing its simplicity and hassle-free nature. Mokwheel consistently positions itself as a customer-centric brand; customer reviews advocate for their impressive after-sales support and customer service.


Mokwheel has established its authority in the ebike market. Models like the Basalt, Asphalt, and the more recent Obsidian have garnered praise from customers who commend the ebikes for their durability, performance, and style. 
With Mokwheel‘s vision-driven strategy, the ebike brand continues to reach users across different locations worldwide. Their commitment to innovation has placed them in a prominent position, and it will be exciting to see how they incorporate new technology into their ebikes. You can find more information about Mokwheel at their official site.