How To Upload A Route To A Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT

How To Upload A Route To A Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT

In this short video I explain how to upload a GPS route to the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT bike computer.

For this example, I used RideWithGPS as the mapping software, and in fact, someone else (the organiser of the Spring Forward Sportive) had created the route.

All I did was to sync it with the Wahoo ELEMNT smartphone app and, from there, sync it with my own GPS device. Simples!

The principle is the same if you want to upload routes to your Wahoo device from other software platforms: get them syncing and, hey presto, it should all just work.

Also, whilst I don’t own either the original ELEMNT bike GPS or the ELEMNT ROAM, I am pretty sure the process is the same.

Anyway, here is the video showing me doing it:

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