How to bikepack across dangerous countries

How to bikepack across dangerous countries

If you’ve spent any time at CyclingTips over the past few years you’ve probably come across Alee Denham’s videos. Through his CyclingAbout YouTube channel he’s shared his adventures to Vietnam, to Mexico, to the highest road in the world, to Japan and to many other interesting destinations. Today we bring you another of Alee’s adventures — a journey through Mexico with first-time bikepacker Gerardo.

But this video is more than a travelogue of the pair’s journey through the picturesque Mexican backcountry — although it is that — it’s a look at whether bikepacking in Mexico is as dangerous as many people say it is. In it, Alee and Gerardo share some tips on how they get around safely and what to look out for. More than that, this video is further proof of the joys of bikepacking and one that’s sure to leave you feeling inspired. Gerardo’s excitement and positivity are quite infectious, even when things aren’t going his way. It’s hard not to feel the urge to take some time off, pack some bags, and set off into the great unknown.

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