Haibike AllMTB 6 2021: the german flagship

Haibike AllMTB 6 2021: the german flagship

While most bike manufacturers make considerable efforts to build sleeker tube bikes, some of which are not resembling to electric bikes anymore, Haibike has made no compromises on AllMTN’s robust image: it looks almost like a German tank. It is noticed almost immediately with the tubes of considerable thickness, which gives this bike an aggressive look. In fact, the whole ensemble makes me think of a motorcycle. And the weight, as it is easy to see, is not small at all, despite the fact that absolutely all the elements of the frame are made of carbon. 24 kg, when many engineers squeeze their brains to get a 16-17 kg, is a manifesto for a product that is not currently willing to compromise. In fact, as I have learned on my own in the last few years that I have tested electric bikes, the undeniable advantage of a heavy e-bike is that it is planted on the ground and overcomes absolutely any obstacle, regardless of the level of difficulty of the trail. If we add to this recipe the fact that the front wheel is now 29 inches and the rear, 27 inches (mullet) – you get a product that saves you a lot of worries as long as sportiness does not prevail for you. This does not mean that AllMTN cannot be an ideal companion for longer tours, especially thanks in large part to the higher capacity battery it is equipped with, 600Wh, in fact – a capacity that becomes the standard today.

The engine

AllMTN 6 is equipped with the new Yamaha PW-X2, of the latest generation, with 250W, limited to 25 km/h, which is much more refined and quieter than the previous one, being modified also in the level of pedaling assistance, which is now much more natural – that is, what all the newly launched engines bring new. But the dimensions are not what I would have expected, because Bosch and Shimano have compacted the aggregates, while Yamaha does not seem to have made too much effort in this regard. The support modes have remained the same in number, from Eco + to EXPW – aka Explosive, and unfortunately, the handlebar mount is the old one. Not only does it look cheap but it is also among the largest available (maybe only the one from Bosch is a little bit smaller). And the fact that it is mounted above the handlebars makes it extremely vulnerable in case of a healthy fall. Fortunately it is reasonably cheap to buy and replace. Otherwise, the sensor is nicely integrated into drop-outs, and the magnet is now mounted on the rear disk. The engine supports you excellently, and the 80Nm of torque generated by the engine feels best on the maximum support mode (EXPW). It is not aggressive at all and has kept the same idea of ​​peace and quiet when cycling. The battery is perfectly integrated in the frame and benefits from an additional plastic protection in case any stone is thrown by the front wheel.


For about 6,000 euros I can say that the equipment is fine, although I would have preferred a transmission placed a little bit higher than Sram GX. Maybe a Shimano Deore would have been much more suitable, especially for the image. The ratios offered by the transmission with the large sprocket of 50 teeth are sufficient, because you have 12 gears from which you can choose, corroborated with the 5 engine support modes. The suspension elements fit perfectly and work flawlessly.

The Fox 38 Performance fork with the upper arms with a diameter of 38mm, ie thick, is perfectly chosen for the character of this bike, while the Fox Float DPS Performance shock absorber works in good harmony with the frame construction. Therefore, the 160 mm suspensions are absolutely enough for supreme comfort on any surface of the pedal and it handles wonderfully on the more technical parts, where you have bigger and successive obstacles. The Magura MT5 brakes take care of stopping the bike, with 4 pistons in the caliper and 203mm discs. They offer very good performance and fit perfectly with the AllMTN. The tires come from Maxxis and offer excellent contact with the ground, especially in terms of grip, as this is of particular interest to us. The duo consists of Minion DHF (a specific front tire) and Minion DHR II (a specified rear tire), with a considerable width, and the two make an excellent team.


With an aggressive design that expresses a lot of robustness, Haibike can be the choice of a very large segment of users. In principle, it will be loved by those who prefer the comfort and image of a solid carbon bike, while those who prefer maneuverability and to play, will certainly not find something to their liking here. It is very good that there are manufacturers that rely heavily on stability and comfort, because consumer groups are extremely diverse and all needs must be met. The price is acceptable given the fact that we are talking about a bicycle with a frame made entirely of carbon, with a state-of-the-art engine and top suspension. Which makes it our recommendation for the segment of those who can afford such amounts for an e-bike and who want one of the most comfortable companions available on the market.

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