Guide to Bike Chain Repair and Maintenance

Guide to Bike Chain Repair and Maintenance

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In our latest video, Neil shares everything you need to know about taking care of your chain and making repairs in the field. Find out when to replace your chain, plus tips and tricks to keep you moving in the backcountry when disaster strikes. While this is an essential guide for bikepackers, it’s loaded with great tools for day rides too…

In this video guide, Neil dives deep into the world of bicycle chains and discusses bike chain repair, chain wear, and simple tips and techniques to get you out of a bad situation, or to avoid that bad situation in the first place. Watch the video below and be sure to hit the subscribe button so we can keep making videos like this one…

  • Shimano GRX with 11-50T cassette, Mullet Drivetrain
  • Chain Repair and Maintenance

Bike Chain Repair Tools

Here’s a shopping list of the bike chain repair and maintenance tools used in this video. Support your local bike shop and pick them up there if you can. Otherwise, you can use the affiliate links below and we’ll get a small kickback to help support videos like this one…

  • Park Tool CC-3.2 ($11)
  • Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers ($33)
  • Park Tool MLP-1.2 ($16)
  • Dumond Chain Lube (4oz $16)
  • Topeak Alien III ($69)
  • SRAM PowerLock Links (12s, 11s)

Do you have a chain horror story from a bikepacking trip or day ride? Be sure to share it in the comments below, along with any maintenance suggestions, tools, or repair tricks you’ve discovered along the way…


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