Ergon’s First Triathlon Saddle Promises Comfort with Less Fatigue

Ergon’s First Triathlon Saddle Promises Comfort with Less Fatigue

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Ergon just released its first triathlon-specific saddle, the SR Triathlon Men, and it’s race-ready. The new saddle took two years to design in collaboration with muti-time World Champ Jan Frodeno. 

What is it? Ergon SR Triathlon Saddle 

Ergon’s SR Triathlon saddle is a race-oriented triathlon saddle designed with muti-time World Champ Jan Frodeno. The design allows riders to comfortably churn the watts while not stressing the muscle groups they will use in the run portion of the event. 

How? The saddle design features a flattened nose, so the rider can make micro-adjustments while riding. This ability to move slightly can help with varying the pressure distribution and help the rider stay in an aero position for longer without pain. 

Ergon Tri SR Saddle full

The nose of the Ergon SR Triathlon Saddle is slightly narrower than most of its competition. This narrow nose is another freedom of movement update. The narrower nose opens to a relief channel in the center. This cut-out is typical in many saddles, and the SR Triathlon Saddle is wide but densely padded. 

The SR Triathalon was initially designed for Jan Frodeno, and after rounds of testing and power analysis, the team landed on this final shape. The Ergon SR Triathalon was quietly released alongside the Limited Edition Canyon Speedmax CFR again in collaboration with Jan Frodeno.

frodeno ERGON-44

Ergon claims Frodeno comfortably produces his best, sustainable power with this SR Triathlon Men saddle, and they have the data to prove it.

TPO, 2022, Tino Pohlmann
TPO, 2022, Tino Pohlmann

Jan Frodeno is excited about the saddle, adding:

“Throughout my career, it has been particularly important to me to optimize all the components on my bike, down to the last detail. Sitting was one of the last imperfect points. My collaboration with Ergon over the last two years has alleviated any discomfort in the saddle. Thanks to the Ergon SR Triathlon Men saddle, I can consistently push harder in the aero position while minimizing fatigue to have a better transition to running.”

Ergon Tri SR Saddle top

Details — Ergon SR Triathlon Men

  • Shell: Carbon Composite 
  • Rails: TiNox 
  • Gender: Men Specific 
  • Length: 232mm 
  • Width at nose: 47mm 
  • Weight: 212g
  • Price:

Ergon SR Triathlon Mens Availlibltly 

The SR Triathlon Series will be widely available in Spring 2024. Initially, though, the SR Triathlon Men saddle will only be available on the Limited Edition Canyon Speedmax.

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