ENVE’s Grodeo Custom bike Round-Up & Ride Brings Cycling’s Best to the Wasatch

ENVE’s Grodeo Custom bike Round-Up & Ride Brings Cycling’s Best to the Wasatch

Last weekend, Ogden, Utah welcomed cyclists from around the globe for ENVE Composite’s annual Grodeo Round-Up and Ride. 2021 marks the third year for the carbon fiber titan’s Builder Summit and gravel ride.

Restrospec Custom, all photos c. ENVE

The two-day event brings renowned custom builders and dedicated cyclists together to celebrate two-wheeled, human-powered adventure.

ENVE Custom

As ENVE states simply, the Grodeo is all about “Mountains. Gravel. Custom bikes. Little rocks. Big rocks. Cows. Meadows. Mates. Good Times.”

Day 1: The Builder Round-Up Friday’s custom build open house kicked off the first weekend of summer with a showing of 30 expertly crafted, hand-built bikes.

Allied Custom

From the jungle-inspired hardtail by Scarab out of Colombia to the Steamboat Springs-born titanium snow-cycle by Binghman Built, to Australian Prova Cycle’s 3D-printed carbon/titanium Prova Speciale (and alleged Round-Up favorite), the bikes were all stunners.

Scarab Custom
Bingham Built Custom

The international set of custom bike builders honored at Grodeo left no creative spoke left unturned.

Sklar Custom

Day 2: The Ride

An official teaser for the Saturday leg invited cyclists to “Ride where the G Series was born.”

One look at the Grodeo course map drives the point home: only a real boulder-brapping, all-terrain machine could handle so much adventure.

ENVE’s 92-mile Trackline Gravel TT climbs up 8,500 gnarly feet of the wild Northern Wasatch Mountains. It’s an adventure course that has just about every feature a dedicated gearhead might hope for: pinion-speckled peaks and downy meadows; sifty Nesquik dunes and coarse-ground washboard. If the trail is deficient in anything, it’s probably hardpack.

In Grodeo country, it’s carbon-fiber fork, ultra-flared drop bars, and nubby tires or bust.

When looking back on this year’s Grodeo Round-Up and Ride, it seems possible the ENVE crew has unearthed yet another key to the backroad cyclist’s heart.

No matter the medium — carbon fiber or social fabric — ENVE Composites knows no bounds.

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