Deep Tissue Massage Gun Review: Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun

Deep Tissue Massage Gun Review: Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun

Everybody knows that a critical fundamental to keeping healthy is exercise. However, it’s not uncommon for many to misapprehend the importance of adequate recovery. As a result, delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) becomes sorer, impacting your future performance. 

Recovery was once complex. But since the evolution of technology, it’s become much more effortless. One high-tech gadget that can ease the recovery process is the Bob and Brad’s T2 Massage Gun.  Since the T2 got released, athletes of all skill levels have said this device has exceeded expectations in the recovery market. Therefore, we had to perform a review. 

Bob & Brad T2 Massage Gun Review

Upon inspecting the Bob & Brad Massage Gun, we were hesitant because of the significant number of available recovery gadgets worldwide. However, once we had our hands on this, we found out why athletes were so positive about this device. 

The first notable difference between the T2 massage gun and its competitors was the power. Most massage guns on the market range between 30-40lbs of force and average around 1,750-3,180 RPMs. But the T2 exceeds this tremendously by offering up to 45lbs of continuous power and 2,000-3,200 RPM, providing optimal muscle recovery. 

Without question, the power offered by this device made us feel confident. But then we realized two physiotherapists built it. With their career knowledge, they designed this recovery tool with a “physical therapy approach” – offering a professionally built device by people who know about the importance of muscle recovery.  

The only initial concern about the power offered by this deep tissue massage gun was the noise. However, Bob and Brad were one step ahead. Despite the device being extremely powerful, the noise produced is below the market average. With this gun, it only gives out 55db, and others, between 60-70db. 

By optimizing power and noise reduction (two standard problems in the industry), the T2 Massage Gun provides users with high-intensity vibrations that support muscle recovery at a below-average sound that doesn’t cause any disturbances.

Additionally, this isn’t their first model either. They’ve upgraded the pre-existing model to the T2 by constantly seeking improvement. Now, it comes with a 400 mah battery and 10mm amplitude that is known to last 2x longer than its competitors. Undoubtedly, the Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun is here to stay. The build quality is extraordinary, making it the simplest, lightest, most powerful, and portable device available. To grab one of these excellent recovery devices, check out their Amazon listing.