Chad Haga blog: Let’s get this party started

Chad Haga blog: Let’s get this party started

Chad Haga (Sunweb)

Chad Haga (Sunweb) (Image credit: Getty Images Sport)

The only days of a Grand Tour in which time moves faster than on rest days are the days before the race, and nowhere is that truer than at the Tour de France. It’s now the middle of the afternoon on the last day before the race, and it’s the first time I’ve stopped moving in three days. For that matter, last night was the first since the trip began that we got a full night of sleep.

Owing to the fact that this is not my first time here, none of this comes as any surprise. The Tour de France is The Big Show, after all. Between training, interviews, photo shoots, dialling in new equipment and team presentations, there isn’t a lot of time left to relax. Throw in a couple of early mornings to drive to a decent location for team time trial practice, and the pre-race anti-doping controls, and we’re tired before the race even starts! Thankfully the schedule was front-loaded, so we could take today easier.

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