CeramicSpeed UFO Drip chain coating gets better, faster, cheaper… just don’t call it a lube

CeramicSpeed UFO Drip chain coating gets better, faster, cheaper… just don’t call it a lube

The new CeramicSpeed UFO Drip wax-based “lube” gets completely reformulated to be easier to apply, last longer, roll faster, and cost a lot less. Oh, and it’s a lot more eco-friendly, too!

Why reformulate? Well, the original formula was from Jason at Friction Facts, and it was good. It was also flammable. But, with the main priority at that time being to get the fastest lube they could into a bottle, other factors were left for later.

ceramicspeed ufo drip chain coating wax lube packaging
Packaging’s not fancy…it’s what’s inside that counts.

Now is later, and, technically, this non-flammable version was in the works before they acquired Friction Facts. The new UFO Drip combines the best of both to make a better, and eco-friendly, chain lube coating that’s:

  • 15% faster
  • 50% longer lasting
  • 50% more coatings per bottle
  • Broader Temperature Stability (5-35ºC / 41-95ºF)*
  • Bio-degradable
  • Non-Toxic

ceramicspeed ufo drip chain coating wax lube packaging

It’s also a LOT less expensive. Everything from packaging to labeling was reconsidered, too, helping them reduce costs on all aspects. The result? A 40% price drop for a product that now lasts 50% longer while using a little bit less per application.

The 180ml bottle will retail for €40 / $45, with a 15ml sample bottle going for about $4.

*About that temperature range: They say this range is the stable range for storage and application, not riding. You don’t want this to freeze, so best to store it and apply it indoors in the winter. While riding, it’ll easily handle freezing temps, and high summer temps. As long as you’re not riding where it’s over 100ºC (212ºF), it won’t melt off your chain, either.

How much should I use? How long does it last?

ceramicspeed ufo drip chain coating wax lube application and drying closeup
It goes on gray and wet, dries gray and dry. Note the dribble on cog below chain in right image, it dried in less than a minute.

The initial coat should be about 8ml, with touch up coats to maintain it around 5ml. That’s about half as much as before, making it a much better value. they say you should be able to get 35 applications from the 180ml bottle.

Each coating lasts up to 300km, depending on conditions. That’s up from 200km for the original version, and they say it’s good for any kind of bike – road, gravel, cyclocross, mountain bike, etc.

Wetter and dirtier conditions will wear it off faster, and if the chain is visibly dirty, you’ll want to wash it off before reapplying. But, as with most wax-based lubes, it will slough off grit and dirt as you ride, helping to keep the chain clean.

Is it really faster?

ceramicspeed ufo drip chain coating wax lube shown on chain closeup

CeramicSpeed says power transfer has been optimized, and friction minimized. When asked how, specifically, they told us that the formula is, of course, a secret. But, one of the most noticeable differences is that the new UFO Drip is thicker and easier to see on the chain.

This helps you get a more even, thorough coating, which certainly helps. It does, indeed, coat the chain in gray and seems liquidy enough to quickly soak into the rollers and between links before (also quickly) drying to a waxy coating. Hence the “chain coating” versus lube nomenclature.

ceramic speed ufo drip lube friction comparison chart to other top bicycle chain lubes

The real improvements come from its specific blend of “waxes, trace oils, and friction modifiers”, which they tested against the competition. The result? It’s 15% faster than the original version, and more faster than their tested competition (their results).

CeramicSpeed UFO Drip First Impressions

ceramicspeed ufo drip chain coating wax lube shown on chain closeup
Before first ride, after letting the UFO Drip dry overnight on a perfectly clean chain.

I started this test with a serious chain and drivetrain cleaning involving degreaser, two toothbrushes, and plenty of elbow grease, then drying the chain in the oven at low heat. Then came the application, which they recommend you do the day before use to allow to completely set.

Pic above is what it looked like prior to riding…and pic below is after 70km (~43mi).

ceramicspeed ufo drip chain coating wax lube shown on chain closeup
After first ride (70km / 43.5mi), it’s noticeably diminished, but still present.

Note that there’s still plenty of wax left in there, but you can also see that a lot has sloughed off. Throughout the first ride, the chain was very quiet, and felt smooth. Of course, anytime we start with a clean drivetrain and fresh lube, we expect a smooth, quiet ride. We’ll see how it fares as I close in on the 300km mark…stay tuned.

ceramicspeed ufo drip chain coating wax flakes coming off road bike chain

One quick final note. If you’re using a wax-based lube, don’t ride that bike indoors, especially on carpet. Those flecks in the image above? That’s from three backward pedal revolutions. Not three full chain revolutions, just three backpedals. Wax sloughs off, and it will fling everywhere under your bike. I speak from experience.

Stay tuned, but first impressions are good. Available now in stores and online.


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