Castelli Estremo Gloves Review

Castelli Estremo Gloves Review

At first glance, the Castelli Estremo Winter Gloves look like pretty basic winter cycling gloves. But upon further investigation, you can really feel the high level of quality and durability.

These gloves only come in black, which isn’t a huge deal for most cyclers. The tackiness on the palms and the pack of the glove is also reflective, which is important when cycling on roads you share with cars. Castelli has engineered them with a very nice pre-curved construction that allows you to grip the handlebars with confidence.

In terms of quality, Castelli doesn’t scrimp on high-quality materials. They use Gore-Tex Infinium X-Fast fabric, which not only does a great job of keeping your hands dry and cutting out the wind, but also helps in the longevity of the glove.

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