Castelli Alpha ROS 2 Jacket Review

Castelli Alpha ROS 2 Jacket Review

You can’t go wrong with design or quality when it comes to any Castelli product, and the same holds true for the Alpha ROS 2 Jacket.

This cycling jacket, made of super-tough materials, comes in five great colors. I really like the fiery red because it’s easy to see on a dark road, but not too bright if you happen to stop for a bite to eat and don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.

Castelli did a great job at making some subtle design upgrades to the second iteration of this jacket. Our favorite is the update on all of the openings, including the neck, waist and wrists.

There’s a great double-layer wrist opening that makes it quite easy to tuck in riding gloves. The neck is more shaped to move dynamically during your ride preventing any uncomfortable rubbing. And the waist is stretchier, which helps seal the jacket against high winds.

In terms of quality against rain, this jacket does feature Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper fabric, which can handle rain, but may let some water in if you find yourself in a torrential downpour.

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