Cannondale switching to plastic-free, fully recyclable packaging for bikes

Cannondale switching to plastic-free, fully recyclable packaging for bikes

In what’s shaping up to be a trend, Cannondale has announced that their bikes are starting to ship in 100% plastic-free packaging. Not only that, but they’ll come mostly assembled, cutting down on shop labor time, and they say they’ll be better protected during transit, too!

While riding a bike is an extremely eco-friendly transportation option for people, getting bikes safely to the shop or end user has massive room for improvement. Many bikes are packed using a LOT of single-use plastic, from zip-ties to axle and rotor guards. Even the packing tape used to seal the boxes is plastic.

cannondale plastic free bicycle packaging is fully recyclable

Now, Cannondale is switching to 100% cardboard packaging inside and out, with rice tape holding things in place. The result should help us all sleep ride a little easier, and hopefully push other brands to follow suit. Here’s the key points from their press release:

100 % Recyclable Materials
At its European assembly facility in Oldenzaal, Netherlands, Cannondale has eliminated use of all plastic tape, plastic bags, foam, PVC, and zip ties from its bicycle packaging. All bikes are shipping from this facility using only FSC-Certified cardboard; natural, plant-based inks; and the tape used is biodegradable fiber reinforced paper tape. Following a successful phase one implementation of this program in Europe, Cannondale will apply these learnings into other regions globally.

Better Protection
Cannondale bicycles will be better protected and safe in transit. Rice tape will be used to protect the frames from damage while cardboard disc brake rotor protectors, wheel sleeves, and multi-functional wedge inserts will be used to keep the bikes protected and in place in the box.

Faster Assembly
Cannondale bicycles assembled in Oldenzaal are also shipping 95% assembled, cutting build time by at least half once out of the box. Brakes and gears will already be adjusted with the brake hoses attached. Additionally, if a bike is equipped with a fender and rack, it will be shipped with the front wheel on, making assembly even faster.

They’re starting in Europe, but will be rolling out the program globally over time.

cannondale plastic free bicycle packaging is fully recyclable

Anyone else?

Who else is making their packaging more environmentally responsible? Vaast launched with plastic-free packaging, and Trek recently announced a similar initiative (though it hasn’t launched yet). The GoPro HERO9 comes in an almost plastic-free package. Kitsbow has told us they’re looking at non-plastic bag options for their clothes, too.

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