Bikers, Hikers, Runners Mobilize Against Human Trafficking With $750K Goal

Bikers, Hikers, Runners Mobilize Against Human Trafficking With $750K Goal

On August 7, Move for Freedom participants worldwide will step up in the fight against human trafficking.

Bike, climb, dance, dribble, hike, jockey, paddle, sprint, volley, walk — whatever moves you, just do it. That’s the philosophy behind Ally Global Foundation’s Move for Freedom campaign, an ambitious fundraiser aimed at eliminating human trafficking.

The International Labor Board estimates that as of 2016, over 40 million people are victims of human trafficking today. Ten million of them are children.

This Saturday, registered participants will get to work raising the targeted $750,000 for anti-trafficking programs. This includes long-term survivor care, housing, and educational prevention programs.

Here’s how you can get involved.

Move for Freedom Anti-Trafficking Campaign

Move for Freedom encourages participants to choose their own exercise adventure to raise donations and awareness in the fight against human trafficking.

“We have kids rock-climbing with their friends, teams biking 100km, walking marathons, hosting outdoor yoga classes, a dance studio teaching workshops, and a business organizing a by-donation spikeball tournament,” said founder and executive director of Ally Global, Randy Watson.

After landing on their chosen activity, each participating individual (or team) creates a fundraising page. There, donors and sponsors can register pledges. Ally Global Foundation looked to traditional walk-a-thons when modeling the Move for Freedom fundraiser, trusting that a familiar, simple concept would foster the most participation.

For now, funds raised from the Move for Freedom initiative will benefit survivors and trafficking prevention programs based in Canada and Asia. But anyone, regardless of geographic location and nationality, is eligible to participate in the virtual fundraising event by signing up at the Move for Freedom registration page

For those who want to help but cannot participate on August 7, Ally Global also accepts donations of any amount at its Donations page.

Move for Freedom: What Is It?

Move for Freedom anti-trafficking fundraiser
(Photo/B. Charoensiri, Shutterstock)

First held just last year, 2020’s Move for Freedom event raised nearly $310,000 to benefit survivors and prevention in Canada and Asia. Now, after a year to fine-tune the program and spread the word, Ally Global is hoping to more than double that number.

“Human trafficking can be an overwhelming topic. I meet so many people who want to make a difference but aren’t sure how to get involved. Move for Freedom is a great way to introduce your friends and family to the issue, while funding trafficking prevention work and aftercare for survivors,” Watson stated.

To learn more about Ally Global Foundation and the Move for Freedom campaign, go to

To report instances of human trafficking, contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Hotline personnel is available 24/7 via the following methods:

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